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Box Office Weekly Roundup For 7/3/11

Lawrence Napoli Posted: 07/07/2011 - 13:59 COMMENT

Weekly Roundup Ending 7/3/11         


pic Top 5 this past weekend:

  1. Transformers: Dark of the Moon- $97.9 million
  2. Cars 2 - $26.3 million
  3. Bad Teacher- $14.5 million
  4. Larry Crowne- $13.1 million
  5. Super 8- $7.92 million

As predicted here, Cars 2 suffered one of those ill-fated 60% drops in ticket sales for the following week of a film’s debut weekend.  Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts attempt to reach out to America’s common, retail working person with Larry Crowne, but let’s face facts.  That’s not the type of film anyone is looking for in the middle of the summer - and on July 4th’s weekend no less. 

Not to overlook all the other films (because they really didn’t do too much against Bay’s Bots), but I am really disappointed in Dark of the Moon because I really enjoyed The Island.   That film and The Rock (1996) constitute the only films in Bay’s credits that have an ounce of thought-provoking story between them.  Yes, the real time of the “copied” footage could be measured in seconds (Editor's Note: Check out more from Lawrence on this subject here -Megatron Matt!), but in this case, the time code is irrelevant because the principal of the act runs completely in line with piracy, file sharing and the Limewire/Frostwire/(insert BS name here)-wire culture that Hollywood is so quick to condemn.  It should not be ok for anyone to pass off any previously shot footage intended for one film as “original” footage for another, even if the same director directed both films.

Top 5 cumulative box office for 2011:

  1. The Hangover Part II- $248.9 million
  2. Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides- $234.5 million
  3. Fast Five- $208.4 million
  4. Transformers: Dark of the Moon- $194.1 million
  5. Thor- $178.1 million

So wow, Dark of the Moon jumps onto the cumulative top 5 after its first weekend that really counts as a full week before any other film records their first week due to its exceptionally early start with Tuesday into Wednesday midnight releases.  Golf clap for Michael Bay.  Guess what?  Without the inflated prices of Digital 3D DLP projection and IMAX, that film doesn’t make half of those numbers which makes sense seeing as those tickets are practically twice the cost of a regular matinee.  If the media crucified Green Lantern for shoddy story work, it better have extinction in mind for Dark of the Moon, especially in light of “Copy-Gate!”

I seriously only thought George Lucas had the shameless hubris to whore his own material over and over again for simple profit.  I felt that only a director like Paul W.S. Anderson had a massively misplaced ego by falling in love with his own incorrect interpretation of source material so much to be oblivious to rationality.  I ruminated that few could ever reach the blunt smugness of Zach Snyder when it comes to whiffing on the real skills of a director and a storyteller, but even he pales in comparison to the man he learned it from and my public enemy #1 as a result of this inexcusable stunt: Michael Benjamin Bay!  Yay copy/paste!