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Watch: The Fantastic Four "Coming up with a team name" Scene

Posted: 01/30/2016 - 22:10

Good? Bad?!

You Decide!

Check out how the Fantastic Four came up with their team name in the above video.

The movie bombed big-time at the box office -- so much so that any chance of a sequel happening seems in doubt.

Tim Blake Nelson, whom played Dr. Allen in the film, recently stated he doesn't think it's happening.

 "I think it's off the schedule now," Nelson said. "I don't think they're making one, but I'm not sure."

Michael B. Jordan also recently said he looks at Fantastic Four as a learning experience and realizes every film can't be a hit.

"I look back at the film as a learning experience," Jordan said. "Every film isn’t going to be a home run. Everybody involved didn’t set out to make a film that didn’t work...You can give 110% every day, and the movie still not work out. But that may or may not be on you and you’ve got to be OK with that."

The future of Fantastic Four is currently up in the air, but if Fox wants to retain the movie rights, they will eventually have to make another. Will Fox do another Fantastic Four reboot? Or maybe this time they will give the rights back to Marvel Studios.