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Watch: Awesome X-Men Animated 90s-Inspired Fan Series

Matt McGloin Posted: 01/05/2016 - 23:06 COMMENT

The '90s X-Men series is back! Well, sorta.

Check out the animated intro above for a new fan series that is inspired by the popular X-Men series from 1992, which also features the cool opening theme!

The joelyface YouTube Channel put the video together with word new episodes will be released every two weeks. Looks pretty good!

Also be sure to check out the recent X-Men: Apocalypse trailer done using footage from the animated X-Men series.


Created by: Joel Furtado 
Sound Design and Musical Arrangement by: Terence Mazon and Ariana Bliek
Music Mixed by: Eugene Chong
Original Theme Music by: Ron Wasserman

X-men: Danger Room Protocols is an all new animated web series featuring your favorite characters from the ‘90s comics and cartoons. All new episodes airing every two weeks!

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