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The Walking Dead 308 Recap "Made To Suffer" (Spoilers - Season 3 Episode 8)

Matt McGloin Posted: 12/02/2012 - 22:15 COMMENT

[[wysiwyg_imageupload:4391:]]And The Walking Dead Season 3 mid-season finale, "Made To Suffer," goes out with a -- bang!

AMC and Robert Kirkman gave us a very action-packed episode, one that kept us on the edge of our seats and progressed the storyline substantially.

Readers of The Walking Dead comic book should be especially thrilled, as once again, the show went off in a different direction, but still kept on track with what the comic fans have already come to know and love.

Good stuff.

Now for the recap.

The episode starts off with The Doc's prom date (pictured upper right) walking through the woods. Screams draw the Walker closer and closer until -- Tyreese! Splat! Tyreese crushes its skull in! We see Tyreese with his own group, a rag-tag bunch that really have no weapons and look to be on the brink of death. They are barely surviving, trying to escape a bunch of zombies when a tower is spotted. It's their only hope, so they make way toward that and we discover, yes, it's the prison. The back wall of the prison is shown, which appears to be blown up, leaving room for Tyreese and company to go inside. However, a member of their group was bitten, a quick argument ensues about what to do, they decide they are not leaving anyone behind (it's someone's mom and wife, I believe) and in they go.

Next we see The Governor sitting down in front of a cell playing some nice music. Out comes Penny, and we also see a piece of raw meat next to The Governor. He tries to make a connection with her, and at first she just wants to bite him, but then something interesting transpires. She seemingly would rather have the raw meat than a bite of her old man. The Governor seems to recognize this, with a glint of hope in his eyes; however, he just gets upset when he realizes Penny is still just a Roamer.

Let's go to Rick and his group, who are at the outer perimeter of Woodbury. They are watching the guards when Michonne wants to take them in. They are suspect of her, but need to get their people. In they go, through some secret entrance(?) that Michonne only knows and they are in one of the buildings. Rick starts getting agitated as he wants to find Glenn and Maggie; however, Michonne doesn't exactly know where they are located. Just then, someone from the outside knocks on the door, enters, pulls out a gun and says, "You shouldn't be here past curfew." Everyone is hiding from the man, and as the man makes his way to the back of the room, they jump him, question him about their people, and when they realize he doesn't know anything, knock him unconscious.

From there we are taken to Glenn and Maggie who are locked in the room together. Glenn questions Maggie about if the Governor did "anything" to her, which she swears he didn't. She tells him The Governor barely touched her, but as she hugs Glenn it's almost hinted that something might have happened (at least in my understanding of the scene). With that, we see the zombie that Merle had literally unleashed upon Glenn, to which Glenn makes his way over and rips its arm off! Glenn has come along way since Atlanta and he rips the bones out of the zombie's arm to use for weapons (giving one to Maggie as well).

The Governor tells Merle to take care of Maggie and Glenn as the longer they are there, the greater the chance Andrea might discover them. Merle makes his way to Maggie and Glenn, with another goon, and as they enter the room -- Maggie and Glenn attack!

All the commotion can be heard and causes Rick and company to take notice. They start to make there way there. 

Back to Glenn and Maggie; an already beaten Glenn is fighting Merle while Maggie takes the bone-weapon and stabs it through the goon's neck! Merle gets the better of Glenn, but Maggie is there to save her lover and points a gun at Merle. He puts his hands up, when the rest of The Governor's men discover them and recapture Maggie and Glenn. They tie them up and put a bag over their heads for execution.


Smoke grenades go off and it's Rick, Daryl and Oscar. There is enough of a distraction that they grab Glenn and Maggie and are off. They make their way to another building to hide, where we see Michonne departing and going after The Governor! 

Now the whole town is going crazy at the sound of gun fire - and Andrea wants in! However, the Governor tells her to go house to house and make sure the people are safe, much to the dissatisfaction of Andrea, but she complies as he requests her to do it rather sternly.

Heading back to the prison we see Carol gets a little irritated when the other prisoner starts getting interested in Maggie's 17-year-old little sister, and aks to speak with him, with Carl taking notice as well. The inmate makes an execuse that he hasn't seen a woman in a while, that Maggie is with Glenn and that Carol -- is a lesbian! She is taken back by that, and the inmate continues that she must be a lesbian because of how short her hair is (head on overe here why it doesn't grow). She says she is not a lesbian with the inmate saying how interesting that is, with Carol shooting back that, no, it's not interesting.

Just then some commotion and screams are heard in the prison. Carl instinctively reacts with Herschel trying to stop him. Carl remarks what would his dad do, and Herschel lets him go. Carl has his pistol pulled - with a silencer - and he comes upon Tyreese and his group battling zombies. "Pew!" "Pew!" Bad a-- Carl saves the day and tells Tyreese and company to follow him. The mother that was bitten is now dead, and Carl is eager to take care of things; however, Tyreese says they take care of their own. Carl then locks them in the room and tells them they will be safe and have food and water. A member of the group gets upset and she starts to yell at Carl, but Tyreese calms her down, realizing they are the safest they have been in some time, plus it's Carl's house.

One last tidbit about Carl: As he was going to help Tyreese, he passed the boiler room, where we saw the door cracked open. He paused for a moment and went on. Hmmm...Lori couldn't be alive -- could she?!

Now back to the finale...

Rick and The Governor's group are caught in a gun fight. Rick questions Daryl about where his loyalties lie. As they go to make their escape over the wall, Daryl stays behind to "give them cover." We see Oscar helping Glenn, but in the process, Oscar gets blasted, and Maggie finishes him off with a bullet to the brain to stop their newly found friend from turning.

Rick is blasting away and so are The Governor's men (really bad shots?!). Just then, Rick sees something - no, someone - but it can't be! Shane is one of The Governor's men (below)! Rick can't believe it, but wait! He squints his eyes and fires at his old friend! Bam! Bam! Shane is dead -- again! Turns out it's not Shane though as Rick was seeing things; obviously, whatever Rick is going through (remember the phone in the prison) is just not done, yet!


[[wysiwyg_imageupload:4392:]]So Rick, Maggie and Glenn make their way out, but Daryl is no where to be found. Where's Michonne? Why, she's camping out in The Governor's room waiting for him. She then hears something strange and discovers the zombie head aquarium! But that's not all as she hears some ruffling and discovers a little girl tied up with a bag over her head! She unlocks the girl and then proceeds to take off the bag -- CHOMP! The girl wants a piece of Michonne, but the ninja warrior is too fast! The Governor appears! He has his gun drawn and begs Michonne not to do anything. Michonne grabs the girl for protection, with The Governor responding by putting all his guns down and continuuing to beg her not to harm her. Too bad! Michonne ends zombie Penny's worthless life (left)! The Governor is outraged and the two fight. Each is getting the better when The Governor gets her in a choke hold. Michonne is desparate and manages to grab a piece of broken glass from an aquarium, and manages to dodge decapitated zombie heads that fell to the ground in their ensuing fight. 

She stabs The Governor in the eye! And makes her escape. Andrea discovers The Governor and consoles him. Michonne makes her way back to Rick's group, to which he is not pleased at all and she is accused of siding with The Governor. They do let her back as she basically pleads with them to let her return.

Getting back to The Governor, we see with the death of Penny that the last inkling of humanity has left him, in essence, leaving him as a member of The Walking Dead! And it's symbolized by the patch over The Governor's eye (below)! The Governor is now addressing the townspeople at the Arena. He says he messed up and can't protect them etc. He then proceeds to call out Merle and call him a traitor! Merle's weapons are all taken away, with The Governor giving a speech how he betrayed them all and let Rick's group in (in reality he lied about killing Michonne, so it could be argued that's true). The crowd is getting excited! What is to the Governor going to do to Merle?

Daryl! Daryl! Where's Daryl for the save?!

He's captured! The Governor now reunites the Dixon brothers, with the crowd screaming for their heads!

And Andrea is horrified!

The Walking Dead Season 3 returns Sunday, February 10th at 9pm ET followed by Talking Dead in its all-new time slot of 10pm ET and an hour long.

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