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TV Review: Avengers Assemble -- "Savages"

Posted: 03/02/2014 - 12:03 COMMENT


It is Captain America's preference for natural talent versus Tony Stark's inability to stay away from high tech in this hilarious and yet adventurous trip to the Savage Land for the Mighty Avengers.

It all starts with a similar scene from a very old issue of the original Avengers comic wherein Iron Man sought to improve Captain America's shield with technology. Here in the tune, Tony tries to improve Cap's boots with jets. This leads to a bet that Tony cannot stay away from tech for 24 hours. Any tech.

Unfortunately, leaving Thor and the Hulk behind at Avengers Tower to protect the world, the bet and the Avengers head for the Savage Land, devoid of tech and weaponry. They only have their natural talents.

Later in the tune, Cap reveals that he knew that Stark was a "natural" builder and that's exactly what Tony does when he meets a secret race of rock people who will not fight but will help build an Iron Man suit that looks a little bit like Fantastic Four's the Thing.

Justin Hammer is the villain du jour, still trying to live up to Tony's legacy of tech and also become a member of the Red Skull's mysterious Cabal. It doesn't hurt to tell you that he fails on both counts here.

Meanwhile, back home, Thor and the Hulk are tearing everything apart in a game of exploding foods.

After the Avengers return from the Savage Land to New York City and a trashed tower, Thor's comment to the returnees is hysterical, capping off a most entertaining edition of Avengers Assemble.