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TV Review: Avengers Assemble -- "All-Father's Day"

Posted: 03/23/2014 - 18:24 COMMENT


Man of Action and Jacob Semahn pen one of the greatest Odin/Thor sagas of all time, comic books or otherwise, in today's outing of Avengers Assemble.
As usual, the doting All-Father wants the God of Thunder back in Asgard and is as usual less than impressed with Midgard and its mortal heroes. No real threats here, Odin figures, but Thor is needed beyond the Rainbow Bridge.
But when Mangog rears his ugly head, not only is Odin impressed by the Avengers -- after his own prideful foolishness ruins their battle plans three times -- but at the climax Odin actually joins them in battle once they have returned the stolen Odinforce to him from Mangog.
The broad and in-humor abounds as usual (in amazement at Mangog, Thor says "Odin's Beard!" as Odin says "My Beard!" Hawkeye then says, "So that is where that phrase comes from." Riot!) as is the action, but this is a character-driven toon and well done.
There is a lot of cinematic to the toon -- as in the Iron Man movies, Jarvis is a disembodied computer rather than a loyal butler, and as in the Thor movies Bifrost is a mechanism rather than a magic rainbow bridge -- but I can take these things in a film or toon, just not in the comics.
Again, another excellent toon and it is good to see the Black Widow back in action.