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Superman To Lose His Powers In The Man of Steel?!

Matt McGloin Posted: 09/05/2012 - 17:17 COMMENT


Great Scott!

In the latest issue of Empire Magazine they theorize that Superman might lose his powers in the Man of Steel.

I don't have the magazine in hand, but the Man of Steel Fan FB says Empire Magazine is basing their theory on what they saw in the Comic Con trailer.

I suppose it could also have something to do with the inclusion of Zod, a la Superman II, where Superman trades his powers for Lois Lane, meaning they are "borrowing" more from the movie.

Interestingly enough, we have been hearing from director Zack Snyder and new Superman, Henry Cavill, that they want to make the Man of Steel more relatable.

What's more down to earth than having Superman become human?

There was actually an arc in the Superman comic books that did something similar — ground Superman. "Grounded," as it was called, saw Superman literally walk the United States visiting city after city pondering his existence. Suffice to say, it wasn't well received by comic book fans.

Off the top of my head, Empire must be thinking about how the Comic-Con trailer showed Henry Cavill shirtless and in Alaska, seemingly a "working man." Or the part with Superman in custody, handcuffed, surrounded by a group of soldiers.

My thoughts are that Zack Snyder will not be going this route - taking away Superman's powers - but what's going on is something more akin to the "unofficial" synopsis where Superman is on a journey of self discovery, getting used to his powers and such. The handcuff scene could just be Superman respecting the laws of man etc.

What do you think?

A powerless Superman in the Man of Steel?

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Man Of Steel flies into theaters June 14th, 2013 directed by Zack Snyder starring, Henry Cavill as the Man of Steel, Diane Lane as Martha "Ma" Kent, Kevin Costner as Jonat han "Pa" Kent, Amy Adams as Lois Lane, Michael Shannon as Zod, and Russel Crowe as Jor-El.

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