Op-Ed: I want Marvel Cosmic - NOW!

Matt McGloin Posted: 09/05/2012 - 13:48 COMMENT


Marvel, you want to increase your sales by about $20 a week?

Then give me a space book.

The reason I say this is because books like Annihilation, Nova and Guardians of the Galaxy are my gateway into the Marvel Universe.

With that door shut, so is the rest of the Marvel Universe to me.

And I ain't alone.

Granted, the "cosmic" fans might not number as high as the Avengers and X-Men fans, but we do hold our own.

Back in the good ol' days both Nova and Guardians of the Galaxy hovered around 25,000, and with a little promotion we might tip the scale a bit past 30,000 (see The Thanos Imperative).

True, while you told us that the reason for cancelling the Annihilation line was not due to sales, my point is that the audience for these books generally heads to the local comic shop each week — because of these books.

I know talking to a number of Marvel Cosmic fans, that they all came back to Marvel with Annihilation, and I can say the same for me.

After 10 years or so of not reading comics, I heard about Annihilation: Nova and was sold. From then on, each week I would not only by Marvel comics, but comics from all the publishers.

And without them...?

To be honest, I feel sorta left out, that Marvel is only catering to the Avengers and X-Men crowd. 

If you do the math and say only 10 comic book readers who spent twenty bucks a week are no longer buying Marvel (or any comics) as a result of the cancellation of Nova and Guardians of the Galaxy, you have $10,000 a year less coming into local comic shops.

So what do you say Marvel?

I want Marvel Cosmic - NOW!