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Review: Superman / Wonder Woman #2

Posted: 11/14/2013 - 20:12

Superman/Wonder Woman was one of the top books this week, and writer Charles Soule is quickly becoming a top favorite of mine. Issue #2 kicks off right where issue #1 ended with Wonder Woman in a heated battle with Doomsday, who we as readers know, but this is Wonder Woman’s first encounter with the monster. The dynamics of this team-up was intriguing, and Soule has made it formidable and exciting. Having Wonder Woman face Superman villains and vice verse is a great concept and Soule, in only two issues, has made it a great read.

The majority of the issue deals with Superman being introduced to Wonder Woman’s family with Apollo being the main focus, and the interaction is crazy good. This is the age-old scenario of the boyfriend meeting the family but with superpowers and super egos involved. Apollo is arrogant and condescending to Superman, and while he may get the best of him early, Soule sets up a fist-pumping comeback from Superman. While Wonder Woman can hold her own there is a funny “cute girlfriend” moment from her as Superman handles the situation, which is something we rarely see from her.

Tony Daniel has a lot to work with; in the opening fight from Doomsday followed by Superman and Apollo’s chest thumping match, he makes the most of it. His art really shines with the action and pacing plus several slashes that really sell the intensity and power of all these characters. The final panel with the reveal of the next villain to emerge is simply spectacular with its effectiveness.

If there were any complaints to be had it would be the ending of the fight with Doomsday. It wasn’t quite clear at the moment, and I was slightly confused by the time Superman makes his arrival. It’s all cleared up a few panels later, and that’s only a minor complaint at best. The whole of this book is great, awesome and exciting on all levels. I had my apprehensions when the book was announced but Soule has alleviated any doubt and has me chomping at the bit for issue #3! This is a terrific book to get in on if you are new to the DCU and for longtime readers it encompasses all the best attributes and strengths of these two characters for one of the best and highly infectious new reads in the New 52!