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Review: Stormwatch #21

Matt McGloin Posted: 06/08/2013 - 14:31 COMMENT

Can Jim Starlin save Stormwatch as this title has had more creative and direction changes than any of the New 52? And still keeps on truckin'.

If Stormwatch #21 is anything to go by it doesn't seem to be the case as the issue had some big time ups and downs.

Starting with the ups, Starlin gives us the new cosmic baddies known as the Kollective, which I felt came off really interesting with their knowledge of various timelines as well as attempting to manipulate the various threads. No surprise here, as Starlin is the master of cosmic mayhem.

However, that's really all I liked about the issue, as, what I feel has been the main problem with the book from the get-go, is connecting the audience to the core team of Stormwatch. There just isn't really much to make one care about any of the characters in the book.

We do get Midnighter and Apollo back in their original costumes, but they really don't provide much other than your usual boot to the face, or as Apollo is the supremely powerful, needs to get take out of the equation ASAP due to a convenient nueral disruptor via some robot.

Another downer was the use of Lobo, who is supposed to come off as being the most powerful being in the universe(?); due to what I have no idea. I think, if at least there is one character that should have remained true to the OG DC, it should have been Lobo as the Main Man bad arse SOB bounty hunter. Here, Lobo seems to be some sort of vessel that the Kollective want to use, as Lobo gets drunk and falls flat on his face smashing a bottle in the process etc.

Just doesn't fit.

Speaking of not fitting, the art wasn't all that well put together.

Again, I thought the Kollective was really well done, but Lobo and Jenny Soul needed some work.

For a title such as this to succeed it needs really to be the total package, which it hasn't been from issue one.