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Review: Stormwatch #19

Posted: 04/03/2013 - 19:24 COMMENT

I know that nostalgia is not a very valued commodity in this "hook a new reader," "make it like the movie" comic book market.

So excuse me every moment or so during this review as I dissolve back to the 1970s and my years of wonder with Jim Starlin, whose very name, like that of Jack Kirby, means both "epic cosmic" and "high quality."

The brushing away of 18 issues of Stormwatch continuity aside, each and every page of Starlin's Stormwatch #19 introduces to current readers and, I am certain, quite a few new and (like me) returning readers cosmic wonderment and delightful new characters, bringing them into the New 52 cosmos.

And some of them may seem quite familiar!

We again have a great headquarters, a relationship with the awesome Shadow Lords and also a reasonable explanation why the SW continuity stemming from Adam One is now ka-poot.

If Starlin were teaching a course on how to revamp a comic book that once had high expectations and fell into doldrums over the quick course of three writers, I would suggest he use Stormwatch #19 as his primary text.

And that gatefold cover by Starlin is literally out if this world! (There go those nostalgia pangs again.)

New cosmic characters and concepts, epic storytelling and wonderful art. What else does a DC cosmic book need ... except maybe the return of Lobo?