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Review: The Hunger #1

Matt McGloin Posted: 07/29/2013 - 00:11 COMMENT

The end of the Ultimate Universe is at hand (so it's rumored) and it shall be devoured by none other than Galactus, the Monster Of All - Universes!

Josh Fialkov gives us a pretty cool and fun first issue with The Hunger #1.

I haven't been following much of the Ultimates stuff, but we are quickly introduced to this reality's Rick Jones, a teenage protector of the universe; sort of a combo Captain Mar-Vell, Quasar, and Green Lantern with The Watcher as his mentor (ala Eon).

Apparently, whatever happened in Age of Ultron caused a rip in time and space between the regular Marvel Universe (616) and the Ultimate Universe. It may or may not also have something to do with what we saw in this week's New Avengers #8 with the Living Tribunal (oversees the Multiverse).

We get some goofy moments with Jones returning to Earth from deep space as well as some dialogue between The Watcher and Rick that is reminiscent of Bendis' back and forth unneeded banter. It's not too bad, because Fialkov quickly takes us back to deep space where we are witness to the Kree/SkrullChitauri War. There, it sort of becomes "A Christmas Carol" with Rick and The Watcher watching the events unfold going unnoticed as The Watcher narrates. It works because you know Fialkov is building to The Big G.

Speaking of, before we get The Big G we get the Ultimate version, which is sort of a wave or cloud of bugs that absorbs anything in its path. Rick can't just stand there and takes off to help out. And then the cosmic stuff hits the fan and you-know-who shows.

The story didn't finish there, which some stories tend to do with the "big reveal," which is what I was half expecting. Fialkov actually takes it a step further and has Gah Lak Tus take on Galactus! Outcome is sort of an easy guess - and we do get the "big reveal" - but it does leave a lot of interesting questions especially with the Silver Surfer looking to appear in The Hunger #2 next month.

What can else be said about the art from Leonard Kirk and Jesus Aburtov other than it was great? The issue read as if it was an animated series or movie; Kirk and Aburtov make a nice pair. I appreciated how each panel was well detailed from the menus in the burger joint to all the space scenes. It didn't go unnoticed, guys!

Good issue.

With The Hunger #1, Marvel Cosmic fans can get their fill in the Ultimate universe as the 616 leaves them starving! At least for four issues.