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Review: Hawk & Dove #1 (Gates & Liefeld)

Matt McGloin
Posted: 09/06/2011 - 23:12

I've never been that fond of these two particular characters, Hawk and Dove, so I suppose it comes to no surprise that this issue missed the mark.

Overall, I didn't find it particularly entertaining; it just didn't ensnare me.

One is an Avatar of War, who seems to have the typical bad attitude, while the other is the Avatar of Peace - a sweet super heroine who is supposed to balance all that testosterone. Together, their powers are amplified and they use them to fight off evil doers.

Sorry, it just comes across as a big yawn fest.

And that is what we have here, as there is some bickering going around that is expected that comes with couples - but they are not "together." Then there is the "third wheel" in the form of Deadman, and also the drama that comes with there being a previous Dove.

They fight off some zombie guy and avert a plane crashing into the Washinton Monument - and that's about it.

Liefeld's art is okay; I suppose most either love him or hate him, but most of the art comes off as having a monotomous feel. Case in point: In just about every panel each character's mouth is open wide with teeth showing. It's as if they are all simultaneously yelling, "Aaaaahhhh."

Overall, there is really nothing that makes me want to continue reading the book. And I won't be.