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Review: Catwoman #1 (Winick & March)

Matt McGloin Posted: 09/20/2011 - 23:43 COMMENT

I'll admit it: The cover sold me on this alone!

Forget the writing and the dialogue, the gorgeous interiors by Guillem March makes this well worth the buy! Gorgeous!

This is another book I wouldn't ordinarily give a hoot about, but with the DC Relaunch I have decided to give every issue a fair shake. Okay, maybe that didn't come out sounding right, but what I meant to say is every DC book is going to get their fair due from me.

Winick pleasantly surprised me with Batwing #1, so I came into Catwoman thinking only good thoughts. Wait, that didn't exactly sound cosher, either...

Hey, it's obvious there is a bit of TnA, just check out the cover. And there is more of that fanboy goodness all throughout!

I found myself captivated by Selina Kyle and her Catwoman persona, not only by her look, but Winick gives her a personality that is all her own. It's a great starting point as we learn Kyle is a thief, and a struggling one at that as she is targeted by a past victim. This leads her to a new job, a new place to hide out, and a purrfect get together with the Bat!

Overall I found the issue to be most enjoyable, a great read, and of course, again, the art was incredible. While I am not a huge Catwoman fan, or for that matter a fan of Batman, I might give the second issue a go just to see what happens.

Another well done issue brought to you by the New 52.