Review: Blue Beetle #9

Posted: 05/17/2012 - 10:02 COMMENT

The Green Lantern Corps is all over the DCnU this week as Blue Beetle squares off against Kyle Rayner and his New Guardians in this week’s Blue Beetle #9.

This is a fun issue of this mag, but at times the brightness and diverse colors can make you wanna take a breather from the page. (Remember the Crayon Corps from Green Lantern, lol?)

Writer Tony Bedard does a masterful job of weaving together the sagas of the Guardians and the Beetle, and ramifications can certainly be predicted in both titles as this adventure spills over into Green Lantern: New Guardians #9 later this month.

This week, Jaime learns that The Reach is invading the Blue Lanterns, which demonstrates the span of its threat. Jaime is also slowly realizing that his armor has intents to end our world. It is one more price he pays for his partnership with the ultimate weapon fused to his backbone.

Readers may recall that The Reach has a history with the Lanterns. That is what is so exciting about this encounter Bedard is mapping out with the ancient Reach/Lantern feud, and possibly setting up some relationship between Blue Beetle and the Green Lantern Corps.

I have never been a big Blue Beetle fan (even though we have the same initials, lol), but this issue was a great deal of fun to read and may even take me over into New Guardians, which I am sure it is designed to do: Universe building!

A fun issue with great Takara art and a little bit of a cosmic flare!