Review: Blue Beetle #1 (Bedard & Guara)

Matt McGloin Posted: 09/20/2011 - 15:30 COMMENT

The third batch of the New 52 is upon us this week, with Blue Beetle #1 being my most anticipated -- and I can say I was not let down!

Tony Bedard and Ig Guara gives us an absolutely incredible and accessible first issue, one that is set against a backdrop of cosmic intrigue and action. From the fast-paced and hard-hitting opening that sees a people subjugated, to an encounter with a member of the Green Lantern Corps, to the well-paced introduction of teenager Jaime Reyes -- Bedard and Guara leave you completely enthralled.

Fear not if you are new to the adventures of the Blue Beetle, this issue is a great starting point. There is no need to have an encyclopedic knowledge of the DC Universe as everything is presented in a very open and approachable fashion. Bedard clearly establishes the foundations for Blue Beetle, and in such a manner that new readers will not find themselves lost.

Likewise, loyal fans of El Escarabajo will certainly find this a most enjoyable read. The inclusion of the Green Lantern, and just what may be foreshadowed, should be more than enough to harness your attention. Blue Beetle is actually a good companion book to the Green Lantern family of titles, and if you enjoy those, you are going to love this.

As Jaime Reyes is a teenager of Latino origins, the book includes an element of Spanish articulation in the dialogue. I felt this offered a rather fresh approach for the comic. The book also offers young readers a hero they can relate to, as there is a high school setting with customary characters. However, this is by no means meant to insinuate the book is for children, as included, are brutal and violent notions  -- fun!

Then there is the art of Ig Guara -- which perfectly matches Bedard's script! Give this man a raise, right now! As the story far exceeded my expectations, the team of Guara, Ruy Jose, and Pete Pantazis, did as well. The alien sci-fi illustrations are sight to behold, and immediately capture your attention preparing you for the cosmic ride that is to come. The panels are filled with colorful light and detailed space effects. As the Blue Beetle first makes his presence known on planet Earth, you can't help but scream along in agony at the transformation! Likewise, the pages with a more earth-bound backdrop are as heavily detailed. From the color-filled foliage of the trees and bushes, to the plaid button-down of Paco, the attention to detail is highly appreciated. It's a great looking book!

Blue Beetle #1 will be one you don't want to miss this week. Among all the comics to hit the shelves, this is a gem among stones!