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Review: Batwing #10

Posted: 06/08/2012 - 19:09 COMMENT

It is surprising how enjoyable this book remains, and scribe Judd Winick delivers every issue a fresh and fun tale for our Batman, Inc. recruit.

As usual, the plot is dark but does have its lighter moments. And I am really liking the Batwing/Nightwing teaming, even though you wanna throw a dozen jokes in there somewhere. (Batwing? Nightwing. Nightwing? Batwing. Shake. lol) Reminds me of Robin and Jimmy Olsen in those junior team-ups of World’s Finest in the 1960s. Fun stuff.

Winick this issue also takes the time to spotlight David’s individual skills and remind us how he earned his place in the “Batman family” to begin with.

The latter is really a concern to me as it seems this character is sometimes smothered by other Batman guests/interferers. God, even the villains this time around (as usual) are linked with Gotham. A little breathing room for our hero, please!

Few books have remained an enjoyable and entertaining as this one, and I hope it survives future “Waves” as they crash upon the New 52 shores.

Batwing #10 is a keeper!