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"To Release A Soul" Trailer Now Online From DefTone Pictures Studios

Matt McGloin Posted: 10/03/2012 - 12:32 COMMENT

Our friends from DefTone Pictures Studios sent over the following trailer and image stills for their latest movie, To Release A Soul.

The film is directed by Adam R. Steigert, director of the epic alien sci-fi movie Ombis, which we have covered here on CBN, and is written by and stars Jason John Beebe.

Melyssa Jade, Mike Sciabarrasi and Britt Griffith of SyFy's Ghost Hunters are also featured in this thriller about a serial killer who feels it's his purpose to release his victims souls.

Check out more info below as well as the trailer and a behind the scenes clip.


Press Release


DefTone Pictures Studios to Release Trailer for Thriller
To Release a Soul


[[wysiwyg_imageupload:3383:]]Buffalo New York’s award winning independent film studio DefTone Pictures Studios has been very busy this year: starting with releasing the controversial grindhouse series entitled Black Guy on a Rampage, quickly followed by short films Caged and Dembela and then production of the feature film Ombis. With most of DefTone Pictures Studios’ films waiting to be released in 2013, the studio continues to invest in five more films slated to be released that same year:  Dembela Parts 2 & 3, Holland Road (In association with PaperGhost Productions) and To Release a Soul.  Also on the horizon for DefTone is a new feature:  a horror-comedy entitled A Grim Becoming which has an October 14, 2014 release date casting begin April 2013. 

To Release a Soul stars Jason John Beebe (Snow Shark: Ancient Snow Beast, Ombis), Melyssa Jade (Ombis), Guy Gane (The American Experience, Gettysburg: Darkest days & Finest Hours) and Britt Griffith (SyFy’s Ghost Hunters, The Black Dahlia Haunting).  The story focuses on Carrie [Melyssa Jade], a young woman who has recently broken up with her good-guy boyfriend Shawn [Guy Gane]. Carrie decides to take a girls’ night out and meets an attractive and kind-hearted gentlemen Cody [Jason John Beebe] who buys her a drink and they quickly hit it off. As the night goes on, Carrie decides to leave with Cody and finds that Cody isn’t really the man he seems to be. Every woman’s worst fear is realized as Cody enacts an evil plot to release Carrie's soul. Carrie has to fight to stay alive in this thriller which features Adam R Steigert as the director/cinematographer and Janeen Avery, Christopher Burns Jr, John Fleming, Britt Griffith, Mark Mendola, Michael Sciabarrasi and Adam R Steigert as producers.  The trailer for To Release a Soul will be released on Wednesday October 3rd, 2012.

Check out for more information about To Release a Soul and DefTone’s other projects.