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Paramount Rebooting Friday The 13th For 2015

Matt McGloinPosted: 11/27/2013 - 00:07


Jason Vorhees will once again stalk the teenagers that let him drown at Camp Crystal Lake as it has become known that Paramount is rebooting the Friday The 13th franchise with a release date set for March 13, 2015.

A tweet from Exhibitor Relations announced the news:

Paramount sets FRIDAY THE 13th for March 13, 2015. Not a sequel to the reboot, mind you, another reboot entirely.

The new reboot is actually the 13th movie in the series with Paramount getting the rights from Warner Bros. in a recent deal that involved distributor rights to Christopher Nolan's Interstellar.

No details are known about the new Friday The 13th movie, but it was previously mentioned it could be a found-footage film.

Friday The 13th was rebooted back in 2009 making about $91 million worldwide.

Check out the 1980 original trailer with Kevin Bacon: