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Over 78% Of Nova Fans Are Not In Favor Of Jeph Loeb's Kid Nova

Matt McGloinPosted: 10/22/2012 - 15:48


With the announcement by Marvel that Jeph Loeb and Brian Michael Bendis would be replacing Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning on the uber-fan-favorite titles Nova and Guardians of the Galaxy -- comes with it a storm of cosmic proportions!

It's no secret that if you are a regular reader of Cosmic Book News that we are not in favor of Loeb and Bendis' seemingly earth-centric pseudo-cosmic storylines that feature a watered-down "Spider-Man" Kid Nova as well as a team of Guardians of the Galaxy featuring Iron Man that are more guardians of the earth.

You can read more about that here.

So it should come to no surprise that fans of both Nova and the Guardians of the Galaxy aren't much in favor of the new Marvel Cosmic reboot as well.

A previous internet poll showed Marvel A-Lister Brian Michael Bendis and Marvel A-Lister Steve McNiven trailing the likes of a couple Vertigo books as well as some Image Comics announcements coming out of the NYCC.

Now, we have some more results to share with you from another poll -- independent of Cosmic Book News just as the above.

The #1 Nova site on the internet,, conducted a poll about Nova fans' thoughts on Point One.

The issue saw Sam Alexander get into a battle with long-time Richard Rider foe, Diamondhead. There was some quirky art as well as quirky behavior (Diamondhead really asked for a ride from Sam??), that seems to have left Nova fans on the fence.

As you can see from the below screen shot, over 44% flat out didn't like it and another 34% are interested to see what Loeb does with this new Kid Nova, but are cautious as a result of reading Point One.

As we recently found out with the new Captain Marvel, initial sales were good, but have declined, which is what most likely will happen with Loeb's Nova as well as Bendis' Guardians of the Galaxy -- if sales on a replaced Captain Marvel and pseudo-cosmic Avengers Assemble are anything to go by. We also might want to throw in Marvel gave out issues of Point One for free because the demand wasn't high enough (at least for the first Point One).