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Now Bendis Compares His Guardians of the Galaxy Costumes To Whedon's Firefly

Matt McGloinPosted: 01/23/2013 - 13:06

[[wysiwyg_imageupload:5215:]]I'm really beginning to enjoy myself reading these interviews and such by Loeb, Bendis, McNiven and editor Stephen Wacker.

They just keep digging themselves a deeper hole.

Wacker has been visiting various forums going off on little tangents; in effect the guy is what the net deems a "troll." I believe more than a few fans out there said they stopped reading his books because of his behavior. Always a good thing.

Regarding Bendis, we saw in his last Avengers Assemble issue that Tony Stark is joining the team looking forward to scoring with all the alien babes. In addition, Stark's the Captain Kirk of the Marvel Universe with Bendis comparing his Guardians of the Galaxy to Disney's Pirates of the Caribbean as well. Or maybe that was just pirates in general. I forget.

The latest from Bendis is that he compares Steve McNiven's new Guardians of the Galaxy look and the look of the book to Joss Whedon's Firefly, which starred the likes of Nathan Fillion, the fan-favorite choice to play Star-Lord in the Guardians of the Galaxy movie.

Firefly was awesome, and ironically enough, shares something in common with DnA's Guardians of the Galaxy in that it, too, was screwed over by the bigwigs in charge. When Firefly debuted, the episodes were broadcast out of order and Warner Bros. canceled it after one year, and - get this - told Whedon the news about the cancellation the same day they shot down his Batman movie. Of course, Marvel Cosmic fans know that DnA's four year run on the Marvel Cosmic stuff was cast aside for Loeb, Bendis and the new movie (and if I'm lying about that, prove me wrong).

So we don't disagree that the Guardians of the Galaxy can be compared to Firefly, but we do about Steven McNiven's new designs.

If you recall, in an interview with Newsarama, McNiven went on record stating that Marko Djurdjevic's WWI Guardians of the Galaxy designs didn't fit.

"Double-breasted jackets and outer space adventure don't really fit these days," he said.

McNiven didn't say Djurdjevic's name specifically, as he had most likely no idea, but he goes on to say had no idea there were even fans out there, as McNiven has never read or worked on Marvel Cosmic previously.

"I hadn't noticed but I'm glad there are big fans of the characters out there!" McNiven offered in regards to Star-Lord and his helmet (which is noticeably absent).

So getting back to Bendis, he compares the new redesign and feel of his Guardians to Joss Whedon's Firefly.

Via CBR:

The cast has had a redesign of their uniforms, something that Bendis stated was "a big thing for Steve [McNiven]," who wanted to redesign everything. "I'm a big fan of in comic book artwork that alien worlds look like people live in them," he said. "They don't look like sets. These worlds look lived in, they look thought out, they look like everything works. I'm applying all of that to the character. What these people wear in space isn't just form for function, it's a representation of who they are as people."

"You look at 'Firefly,' 'Serenity,' everything looks lived-in," he continued. "This is their home, this is their apartment."

McNiven's Guardians of the Galaxy:

"What these people wear in space isn't just form for function, it's a representation of who they are as people." - Bendis





Marko Djurdjevic's Star-Lord:


Guardians of the Galaxy (2008):


Guardians of the Galaxy Movie Concept Art:


Any questions?

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