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Nino Nova and Garbage of the Galaxy Are "Disappointingly Sloppy, Aimless Stuff" Says Comic Heroes Magazine

Matt McGloinPosted: 05/05/2013 - 14:24

[[wysiwyg_imageupload:7497:]]Now this isn't coming out of our mouths, but a new comic book magazine from the creators of SFX Magazine, with Comic Heroes.

There is featured article on Marvel Cosmic, the new Garbage of the Galaxy and NINO Nova.

They seem to pretty much agree with us at Cosmic Book News.

Check out some excerpts: guest member, Iron Man, here apparently cruising randomly about the cosmos in his painfully new space armour. (Artist Steve McNiven isn't to blame for this, but his re-designs of Star-Lord and Gamora here are similarly generic and bland, and his work annoyingly patchy throughout...)

This is one of those comics where loads seem to be happening at the same time as nothing much at all.

...the familiar editorial sloppiness of much current Marvel makes its presence felt (CBN note: Both books are edited by Stephen Wacker).

This being Bendis, there are of course (useless space-swear word "krutack" aside) neat little bits of dialogue, but overall this is disappointingly sloppy, aimless stuff.

...this is a harmless re-telling of a standard Luke Skywalker-type tale, but it's a painfully slow one, too.'s glacial storytelling - and, as such, surely totally unsuited to someone described as a 'human rocket'?

Nova is not bad then, just boring.

...arse-before-face storytelling...painfully familiar stuff throughout, lacking a single even semi-original thought in its head.

This current direction on Cosmic Marvel gets off to a so-so start then...directionless, uninspired and horribly slow-moving, too.

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