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More BS From Jeph Loeb About New Nova?

Matt McGloinPosted: 12/18/2012 - 19:06


Looks like the story Marvel is going with surrounding the cancelation of DnA's Nova and subsequent death of Richard Rider is that it was the choice of Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning.

Yeah, sure. DnA wanted to not write the books and characters anymore.

Previously we heard from Jeph Loeb, writer on the new Nova, that fans refer to as "NINO" - Nova in Name Only - who said that the death of Richard Rider opened the door for a new younger Nova.

Now we hear the same schpeel again and the same schpeel about how Loeb and McGuinness are big fans of the character.

Loeb tells PreviewsWorld:

Ed McGuinness and I love Nova.  Huge fans.  And when Abnett and Lanning made the bold decision to bring Rich Rider's story to an end (as well as the Nova Corp) we thought that story was epic and heartbreaking — but NOVA had to live on!

So we pitched to Editor Supremo Steve "Wacky" Wacker the story of Sam Alexander, a young man who discovers that his destiny lies somewhere out there beyond the small town in Arizona where he's having the problems of a typical teenager -- school, girls, family, school -- never imagining that he one day would become a super hero.  Sam soon appeared in the Point Ones and kicked off the huge Avengers Versus X-Men story, and now is our chance to step back a little and find out who is Sam, and how he came about to have the helmet.

We know this isn't the total truth because Loeb's involvement of taking over Marvel Cosmic was leaked through a message board as well as this site - to me personally - back around January of 2010.

It was an internal memo that said Axel Alonso was going to take over Marvel Cosmic from Tom Brevoort (prior to Alonso's promotion to EIC). Marvel asked me to not say anything, which I complied with out of respect for the then editorial and creative team, but Loeb taking over Cosmic was already out of the bag.

Obviously we see with Alonso becoming EIC, Marvel Cosmic went to Stephen Wacker, an editor - similar to Bendis and McNiven - with no Marvel Cosmic experience whatsoever; so much so, that Marvel recently buried the Thanos origin mini that Starlin was upset about, and according to Starlin made no sense.

Wacker can even be found on the CBR Message boards acting - as Loeb put's it - a little "wacky" toward Richard Rider Nova fans.

It will be interesting to see if the new Nova and Guardians of the Galaxy can survive and if the 30,000 or so hard core Marvel Cosmic fans will support it. Marvel is obviously going to do whatever they can to make sure it prospers, as it has to look good to Disney with the Guardians of the Galaxy movie coming up. 

However, Bendis doesn't exactly have a great track record as of late with Moon Knight as well as Avengers Assemble, which did feature "his" Guardians. Loeb and McGuinness always sell well, at least for a time.

How long?

Depends on you guys.