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MOB THIS! Issue #5: Next Town Over Volume 1

Posted: 12/17/2012 - 23:48



Welcome to Issue #5 of MOB THIS! Focusing on the world of Creator-Owned Crowdsourced Comic Creation at Kickstarter!

We're back from an extended alien abduction bout of technical difficulties for the latest issue of MOB THIS! Lot's of activity the past several months on Kickstarter....great small press ideas....interesting new products from small towns....unecessary use of the platform for companies that don't need the capital taking money out of stuggling talented creators and know...just another day on the internets...
For this issue we get our giddy-up on with .......
Next Town Over is the brainchild of creator Erin Mehlos and is one of the most popular web-comics on the internet.  But now, she's bringing this gem to Kickstarter collecting the first four chapters into "Volume #1:  Maybe Next Time."
How can I describe this comic....well how about knock down, drag out, kick-ass, steampunk vs. fire elemental horse ridin', pyrokinetic yet suave wanted man vs. undead(?) bounty huntress, grappling hook shootin', rootin' tootin' weird western...yeehaw!
I discovered this webcomic about a year ago and have read each installment since.  After taking in just a few panels of this wonderfully written story and incredible art, I immediately purchased the first three issues for download. Money well spent. When I heard that this was coming to Kickstarter I immediately put it on my Christmas List.  Don't believe me, check it out for yourself at I dare you not to be hooked.
The Campaign
Exclusively on Kickstarter, the campaign is well underway and ends on January 5th, 2013.  As of this article, it is about 90% funded toward the $6500 goal.
Pledges start at just $5.00 for electronic copies and go as high as $500 for a commissioned art piece of your choice.  In between you will find printed copies in both soft and hard cover editions, t-shirts, bookmarks, buttons and more. I'm in at the $35.00 level for the signed hardcover of this gem.

So there you have it! Open your computers, open your wallets and MOB THIS!

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