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Marvel Should Listen To What Morrison Says On Superman

Matt McGloin Posted: 04/27/2012 - 10:37 COMMENT

[[wysiwyg_imageupload:1571:]]There is an interview up at with Grant Morrison.

He talks about all kinds of wacky things ranging from the occult to visitations with aliens to Gay Batman and Wonder Woman.

Sometimes I wonder if Morrison is part of some CIA mind control program.

Anyway, what caught my eye was what Morrison had to say about Superman, and how some writers - namely American - find it difficult to write such a powerful character.

Obviously here at Cosmic Book News the characters in our stable also happen to be of the uber class, and I often hear that these types are hard to write.

For me, I find the big epic space stories more appealing than the hero on the streets punching a guy in the face. Could be — because I can do just that — punch a guy in the face. But I can't fly off into space. Well unless Morrison gives me some of his hashish.

But Morrison brings up a good point, that it's not about the powers, it's more the character as a metaphor, and he offers the following:

When Superman was created during the Great Depression, he was the champion of the oppressed and fought on the side of the working man. He was lawless. If you were a wife beater, he’d throw you out the window. If you were a corrupt congressman, he’d swing you from the rooftops until you confessed. I think it appealed to people who were losing their jobs to machines: Suddenly you had Superman wrecking machines and punching robots. But his popularity has declined—nobody wants to be the son of a farmer now. American writers often say they find it difficult to write Superman. They say he’s too powerful; you can’t give him problems. But Superman is a metaphor. For me, Superman has the same problems we do, but on a Paul Bunyan scale. If Superman walks the dog, he walks it around the asteroid belt because it can fly in space. When Superman’s relatives visit, they come from the 31st century and bring some hellish monster conqueror from the future. But it’s still a story about your relatives visiting.”

And this got me thinking about Marvel. As of this moment, I find the Marvel U. pretty dull. All they do is punch guys in the face.

There are no cosmic characters, there is no Superman-esque character.

It's all Captain Americas, Iron Mans and Daredevils.

Punching guys in the face.