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Man of Steel Trailer #3 Scene By Scene Speculation (Spoilers)

Matt McGloin Posted: 04/17/2013 - 13:00 COMMENT

Last night saw the new Man of Steel trailer #3 hit the net with lots of footage.

Let's go over the new footage scene by scene and see what we can speculate and gather.

Warning: There be spoilers!

Most likely this scene is from the beginning of the Man of Steel as the special effects supervisor on the movie, Joe Letteri, said the opening will be huge.

Our best guess is that this could be a Kryptonian Civil War, perhaps led by Zod.

Here we see young Clark Kent and most likely the ship the Kents found him in. 

Our guess is that this ship was jettisoned from another (as has previously been rumored).

This looks to possibly be the new Fortress of Solitude.

Our best guess is that it's the Kryptonian ship that Kal-El was put into and crashes on to Earth becoming The Fortress, with the pod above contained in the ship as well.

Or this is onboard Zod's ship. Regardless the Fortress probably looks similar.

Is Superman struggling here? Looks like it, and also a clue that Zack Snyder hasn't given us a fully powered super man. Yet?

Clark emerging from the Fortress of Solitude for the first time as Superman. He is wearing what the Kryptonians wear underneath their armor. Superman doesn't need to wear the armor because he has been under the sun's rays a long time. Zod and Faora still need armor to protect them from sensory overload caused by the sun. It's also rumored that the suit might also help Clark fly (yikes!).

Some kind of tentacle-like machine/space ship. Most likely this is a part of Zod's ship -- and also could be featuring Braniac technology. This also explains why certain aspects of the movie have been compared to Aliens or H.R. Geiger paintings, as in Goeff Johns' comic book story from his 2008 Action Comics run, it featured a similar look (thanks to Who mod The Mod for the tip).

This looks to be near the beginning of the fillm. Most likely Zod and his cohorts have been captured and are being thrown into the Phantom Zone (or sent off planet). We see Zod telling - probably Jor-El - that his son (Superman) will not be safe and that he will find him. This also could mean that Zack Snyder has changed the origin of Superman a bit, and that Jor-El sends Kal-El away because Zod is hunting Superman since birth. Possibly -- not because Krypton will be destroyed.

Or -- Zod knew baby Kal-El escaped the destruction of Krypton and wants to seek revenge against the House of El.

Bad-ass, Faora! Rumored to be most deadly of the Kryptonians as well as featuring a climatic battle against Superman. Here it looks as if the U.S. Military has sent something in an attempt to take her out. That probably won't work.

Regarding Superman fighting a woman: Our best guess is that Faora ends up being destroyed by the sensory overload of the Sun. Though it's also rumored that Zod does the deed.

LexCorp Building! How awesome is that? While it doesn't necessarily prove that Lex Luthor in the movie, it at least strongly hints at it. We also see the sign is in the patriotic colors of red, white and blue. Obviously this suggests Lex being patriotic and disliking aliens and such. Also could suggest President Luthor.

Could be our first look at Zod on Earth in the movie. We see he is wearing his armor as well as his sensory over load translucent mask (Faora has one, too).

We are assuming Superman turns himself in as the military attempts to deal with Zod's demands (as seen in the recent teaser). Also Superman turning himself in reveals he is not a threat etc.

Possibly first contact with Zod.

Destruction of Krypton most likely. 

Or -- this actually might be Zod blowing up another planet with the spaceship he is in -- as maybe he is hunting Kryptonians. We see the above tentacle-like ship as well as the "Independence Day" look in the above image which could be a planet-destroyer.

Uh, oh! Anyone remember what Christopher Nolan did with Catwoman in The Dark Knight Rises? Never named her. We see that Lois begins to state the word "Superman," but gets caught off mid-word.

Hey, it is called the Man of Steel.

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Man of Steel opens June 14th in IMAX 3D directed by Zack Snyder and starring Henry Cavill as Clark Kent/Superman and Michael Shannon as Zod.

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