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Man of Steel Described As "F-N Awesome"; "Definitely A New King In Super Hero Film"

Matt McGloin Posted: 04/29/2013 - 21:01 COMMENT

[[wysiwyg_imageupload:7317:]]Seems there was an advanced screening of the Man of Steel in NYC with a Reddit user posting his thoughts.

He seems pretty positive about it.

No spoilers present.

so my brother works for moving picture company that did some of the special effects for man of steel and his company was doing a lotto screening. my brother won 3 tickets and was gracious enough to take me along. i saw the film last night, and i really won't say anything about it other is f---ing awesome. there really is no other adjective to describe the movie other than "awesome." the story is solid (basic origin story like batman begins), the acting is superb (general zod is incredibly badass and henry cavill makes christopher reeves an afterthought), and the action sequences are prob one of the best i've seen in a long time. earlier reviews say they're over the top, and they are, but it wasn't a bad thing. it's got an avengers action feel but more "realistic" if that makes any sense. and surprisingly, there wasn't that much slow motion which i was expecting a lot of given snyder was directing it. and for those who are skeptical or doubtful of snyder, and rightly so, this is easily his best film yet. i think the main reason is because he didn't write it lol. i'm at work so i'll post proof of my screening later. but have no fear, guys, man of steel is going to be the movie to beat this year and there is definitely a new king in super hero film.

avengers to me had a saturday morning cartoons kind of feel whereas the dark knight was this really dark crime drama. because superman himself cannot exist in the real world, going full out realistic is nearly impossible. however, to goyer's and nolan's credit, man of steel didn't at all feel "cartoony" like avengers. it certainly was more light hearted than dark knight but it still had some grit to it and the relationships between characters felt real.

i personally have never been a fan of zack snyder. wasn't too impressed with 300, was bored with watchmen, and hated sucker punch. however i've always felt he was one of the best visual directors in film. so when i heard he was directing the movie, my expectations plummeted. but man of steel doesn't at all have a zack snyder feel. it has the snyder visuals, but it has the nolan feel. like i mentioned earlier, a big part of that is the writing, the plot development and the character development which zack is terrible at. so thank heavens he left the writing in the hands of goyer and nolan. so, man of steel is easily, to me, his best far.

in terms of superheros, i'd say man of steel is probably #2, behind the dark knight. i say #2 because i'm bias and love batman and was never a fan of superman. so i guess that says a lot about this film. if you're a superman fan, this will probably be your favorite movie ever, lol. it's easily better than the dark knight rises, batman begins, avengers, all three iron mans (haven't seen the third but it'll probably be mediocre at best). now how much is it behind the dark knight? in terms of action, man of steel beats it tenfold. it's the best action i've seen in a long time. in terms of story, i think it's better than batman begins in terms of an origin story because it has more weight to it. in terms of acting, well, no one compares to heath's joker even though shannon is pretty badass, but i LOVE cavill as superman much more than i love bale as batman. that dude was born to play superman.

shannon was pretty riveting. i don't remember zod from the earlier supermans, nor do i know zod from the comic books, so i don't know what type of personality he's supposed to have, but in man of steel he was pretty ruthless, no empathy, kind of psycho. just his demeanor and swag made me think of hitler and stalin. shannon is definitely something to watch.

and yeah there is the journalist clark.

as far as the romance, it was ok. it wasn't deep and tear jerking, a little sappy at times but not too bad.

 the thing that also annoyed me about snyder was his obsession with slow motion in and out of action scenes which i think came off corny at times. but thankfully, for me at least, man of steel didn't have too much slow mo. it was a lot of fast paced action which was just f---ing awesome. but the visuals and coloration of the film were beautiful. and i didn't even see it in imax. it was in a very small theater.

as good as transformers and avengers. though i still think the best special effects i've seen in a movie are in district 9. but man of steel was very good.

Man of Steel opens June 14th in IMAX 3D directed by Zack Snyder and starring Henry Cavill as Clark Kent/Superman and Michael Shannon as Zod.

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