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Lynda Carter Wants To Be Involved With New Wonder Woman Movie

Matt McGloin Posted: 04/15/2015 - 11:01 COMMENT


Monday saw news that Michelle MacLaren had dropped out of the Wonder Woman movie due to "creative differences" with Warner Bros.

Now Lynda Carter has come out and stated she wants to be involved. caught up with the former Wonder Woman where Lynda Carter offered the following:

“I would love to be involved in a creative position of it,” Carter said. “I know so much about what people want from it, I think, that just being as a consultant on a movie. I think it needs a woman.”

Carter also said she is excited to see the Wonder Woman movie continue, explained that "women understand women" and offered she hasn’t talked to the studio about any kind of involvement in the film, but that she may.

Lynda Carter also stated she would be open to a role in the Wonder Woman movie, but would like it to be more than a cameo.

Check out the audio clip below for more.

Gal Gadot is starring in the Wonder Woman film and will first appear in Batman Vs. Superman.