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Justice League Movie Not Delayed Because Of Batman Reboot

Matt McGloin Posted: 02/15/2013 - 14:11 COMMENT

[[wysiwyg_imageupload:5671:]]Call it the internet, call it fandemonium, but when a rumor surfaced that the new Batman reboot would be delayed, it was also reported that the Justice League movie was to be delayed as well.

From my understanding, it was said in the original rumor that the new Batman would debut first in a solo film, with it said possibly in 2019.

Sites then picked up from that, that the Justice League movie would follow, which makes sense as there's no way Batman would not be a part of JL movie if it was first.

However, turns out to be not true.

The original source of the rumor, Batman-On-Film, has given an update or two, and that is that people got the wording of their original article wrong.

Regardless what's what, they offered up the following with it said that the new Batman will be introduced in Justice League movie, just as Cosmic Book News first told you back in June of last year.

Per others "in the know," Warner Bros. is still planning on releasing a Justice League film AND the rebooted Batman will, as previously reported, be introduced in this movie. So when will JUSTICE LEAGUE hit theaters? Probably not in 2015 as planned -- though there still isn't any official information from Warner Bros. one way or the other. I don’t know where this Justice League movie in 2021” thing comes from. Well, I actually do. If the first solo Batman film doesn’t hit theaters ‘til 2019 -- for whatever reason -- people are simply assuming “JL in 2021.”

Our own DC Entertainment source did tell us that the Justice League movie could get delayed to 2016, and also that things were going to get exciting in the next couple weeks.

And we did just hear from new Superman Henry Cavill who seemed to hint that the Justice League movie will be getting made on top of a predicted $700 million debut for Man of Steel.

(CBN reader Andrew Francis helped contribute to this article)