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Joker Playing Cards, The Dark Knight Rises, Man Of Steel Props All Can Be Yours If The Price Is Right

Matt McGloin Posted: 10/15/2013 - 14:04 COMMENT


DC Entertainment has updated their perks for the We Can Be Heroes campaign to include props from The Dark Knight Rises and Man of Steel.

Looks like just about all have been claimed but the David Goyer poster.

Up for grabs are/were the following:

Gotham City Newspapers (claimed) - $350

Man of Steel props (claimed) - $400

The Dark Knight Rises Gotham Rogues Props (claimed) - $500

The Dark Knight Rises Gotham City License Plates (claimed) - $500

The Dark Knight Rises Batman Batarangs (claimed) - $800

The Dark Knight Joker Cards - $800 (claimed)

In addition, there is a signed Man of Steel Blu-Ray by Zack Snyder for $50 (all  claimed) and poster signed by David Goyer ($100).

Check out the We Can Be Heroes campaign for other perks.