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Incredible Hulk #2 Has A Dozen Artists

Matt McGloinPosted: 11/10/2011 - 12:39


Next month's Incredible Hulk #2 will have a total of 12 artists taking on 20 pages for $3.99.

The issue was briefly made available yesterday on the Comixology App, with people getting their hands on it. Shortly thereafter, the issue was taken down.

No surprise that Rich Johnston of Bleeding Cool was among one them (as was Rob Liefeld), as his article was most likely responsible for the issue getting taken down in the first place.

While Marc Silvestri is the solicited artist on Incredible Hulk #2, we see that Whilce Portacio and Billy Tan are credited as pencillers as well. Also, Michael Broussard and Eric Basaldua are credited with “pencil assists,” with Scott Hanna listed for "finishes." In addition, two more inkers are added with Rick Basaldua and Crimelab Syndicate.

The series was originally pitched as being from Jason Aaron and Marc Silvestri; however, it appears Silvestri might be off Incredible Hulk as the solicit for #4 lists Whilce Portacio. Could be just a fill-in, though.

And as CBR notes the changes to the creative team may make the issue returnable.

I thought the debut issue was really good; as long as the issue is on time and of comparable quality to the first I'm fine with whatever artists they get onboard to help out.

Still, this 20 pages for $3.99 thing is starting to get to my wallet.