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Harley Quinn Extended Deleted Scene Coming To Arrow Season 2 Blu-Ray

Matt McGloinPosted: 09/12/2014 - 12:51

The "Suicide Squad" episode from Season 2 of Arrow revealed a cameo with the DC Comics character Harley Quinn, who is connected to the Batman villain, The Joker, in the comic books.

We actually got to see more of Harley Quinn in the preview promo, played by Cassidy Alexa, as the actual episode featured the voice of Tara Strong.

Stephen Amell also revealed back in June that Harley Quinn was cut from the Season 2 finale.

The good news is that Harley Quinn will be featured on the Arrow Season 2 Blu-Ray as part of an extended deleted scene.

Following the two images and video from the episode below, you can find the Harley Quinn spoiler.

The Arrow Season 2 Blu-Ray becomes available September 16th.




Harley Quinn, again voiced by Tara Strong, wants to join the Suicide Squad and even calls Diggle "Chocolate Puddin."