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Guardians of the Galaxy Returns By Brian Michael Bendis

Matt McGloin Posted: 05/15/2012 - 17:12 COMMENT

[[wysiwyg_imageupload:1705:]]Marvel Cosmic fans' nightmares have come true.

Nova has returned as a teenage Spider-Man version of his former self, and now Brian Michael Bendis is writing Marvel Cosmic.

The same Bendis that couldn't hold a Moon Knight title for 12 issues is expected to carry the return of the likes of the fan-favorite Guardians of the Galaxy, recently penned by Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning.

And it's all because of Marvel changing their direction of the comic books to match with the direction of their movies.

Even though Marvel Studios President and Producer Kevin Feige has gone on record stating he liked Abnett and Lanning's recent version of the Guardians, Marvel Comics have gone the "boys club" route - once again - and passed off Marvel Cosmic to "Architect" Brian Michael Bendis.

Fans are sure to expect a Rocket Raccoon who only talks the talk - and never walks the walk - as the new Marvel Cosmic will be filled with nonsense after nonsense of Bendis "talking heads" ala Spider-Man and Wolverine, which has BORED Avengers fans to DEATH for years.

Today, Marvel announced through that the Guardians of the Galaxy would return in Avengers Assemble #6, by Bendis and artist Mark Bagley.

Marvel Comics SVP Tom Brevoort, the head editor behind the likes of Annihilation, the recently canceled Nova and Guardians of the Galaxy - of which he gave barely any advertising or promotion for - stated the following.

"There are guys who tend to love cosmic, whether it's for the military sci-fi aspect of it or the trippy, mind-bending expansiveness of the '70s cosmic material or whatever. There are some people who really, really dig that. But to a lot of the rank and file fans, there's no context to need something there to key into and connect to. My expectation is that's what Brian will do when he plays with these cosmic elements, and really, that's the reason he hasn't done more with this stuff in the past. It's just a more difficult nut to crack. He's played with a lot of different areas of the Marvel U in 'Avengers' up to this point, but he's never done a big, space-oriented story until now. And even then, that story starts on earth with these 12 regular humans who are imbued with the power of the Zodiac by Thanos, and the hows and whyfors of that will be explained over the coming issues."

Kiel Phegley, CBR's News Editor makes no reference to either Abnett or Lanning; no reference to the last we saw of Peter Quill, Thanos or Richard Rider in The Thanos Imperative, also by Abnett and Lanning, and the article is mum on the subject of any appearance of Richard Rider, seemingly making it out as if the new kid Nova is the same as Richard Rider Nova (much as Disney XD has been trying to do the same).

Furthermore, Marvel's decision to pass on bringing back DnA on Guardians of the Galaxy must be questioned as it seemingly sends its creators a message that their ideas no longer hold merit as Marvel will give it to one of their "buddies" if the idea ever gets big enough — as a Guardians of the Galaxy movie based on the DnA characters proves.

And on to a creator who has no experience in the genre.

The comic book industry has recently been rocked by the news of the questionable ethics of the big two publishers - Marvel Comics and DC Comics - with both Chris Roberson and Robert Langridge having sworn off working for DC Comics and Marvel over ethical concerns.

In addition, former Marvel Cosmic scribe Jim Starlin let it be known that he received no compensation for the inclusion of his character Thanos in The Avengers movie, in addition to not even knowing about the appearance, not getting invited to the premiere, and also having to pay for his own tickets to both The Avengers and Thor.

Jim Starlin is listed on the credits for The Avengers.

You can bet Brian Michael Bendis will be on the Guardians of the Galaxy movie — with the added compensation that comes.