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Godzilla (2014) Script Said To Have Leaked (Spoilers)

Matt McGloin Posted: 01/12/2014 - 01:44 COMMENT


It's being said that the script for the 2014 Godzilla movie has leaked online with spoilers galore hitting the net.

Now an anonymous user at 4 Chan has posted details, which have since been taken down, but an archive can be found at Foolz.US.

The last time a similar incident happened, and from 4 Chann, was with Iron Man 3 which turned out to be nothing but cool fan-fic.

Possible Godzilla spoilers below.

"Godzilla" opens May 16, 2014 in 3D starring Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Ken Watanabe, Elizabeth Olsen, and Juliette Binoche, with David Strathairn and Bryan Cranston. The screenplay is by Max Borenstein, Frank Darabont, and Dave Callaham.


An epic rebirth to Toho’s iconic Godzilla, this spectacular adventure pits the world’s most famous monster against malevolent creatures who, bolstered by humanity’s scientific arrogance, threaten our very existence.

The film opens in 1954. A nuke is being prepared. The missile is loaded up, the count down begins... And GODZILLA rises from beneath an island unexpectedly. The bomb comes down and hits him head on in a massive nuclear explosion.

So there it is: Godzilla has existed since the 1950's. However, as we learn later in the script... His famous rampage NEVER happened. We learn verbally that he basically appeared and started nosing around sometime after the bombing of Nagasaki- and that it is believed the "radiation changed him somehow". Russia and the United States jointly dropped a nuke on him after he apparently took out a few ships in their nuclear fleet. After that he was never heard from again aside from the odd "bloop".

Years later, the corpse of another Godzilla is discovered frozen in the Antarctic ice. The fossil is locked in battle with two creatures, dubbed mutos. From this, it is deduced that the mutos and this giant creature, dubbed "Jira" after Japanese for whale due to it's immense size, are natural enemies and that a loose Muto (like the one that escapes from a lab in the film) would surely seek out one of these "Jira" creatures. There's actually a legit sounding reason for this, but I'm not sure how it makes sense given than the radiation from Nagasaki "changed" Godzilla--- but we're getting to that.

Also about the name, an ignorant US military type bungles it. It is mentioned that the corpse in the ice is referred to as "Jira" after Japanese for whale. Someone else makes the observation that a similar creature appeared in the fifties shortly after Nagasaki--- and that islanders mistook it for their God, "Gojira".

Que a hamfisted line from the US Military guy botching the name.

Hopefully they updated that part, this being the pre-Max Borenstien script.[/spoiler[/spoiler]

There are two Mutos. One male, one female. They're supposed to hunt as a pair: and their prey is Godzilla's species.
The Mutos need to lay eggs inside Godzilla's body so that they can gestate, because their eggs need to feed off of a nuclear power source. They call to Godzilla, and intentionally lure him so that they can tag team him and stick him with a Chrysalis.

The male is the first one he encounters at the airport- he absolutely thrashes the poor thing but doesn't actually manage to take it out. The female is a far more intimidating opponent.

He uses his atomic breath, but only about three times. All I know is it's blue fire that is described as being like napalm. No flashing spines mentioned.

There isn't an army of little crabs or anything- it's not like Legion (who would probably "OH GODZILLA! WHAT TERRIBLE LANGUAGE!" these things up). Descriptively, they bring about mental images of bio luminescent assassin bugs. Long spindley legs, and two bigger arms that sort of recall the aggregate Destroyah that Junior fights in the '95 film. There are two creatures mentioned, and I know that there is something of an evolutionary process as well- that's all I'll say on that topic. One of them is described as being substantially larger than the other and seems to battle Godzilla pretty well; the script makes it clear that the battle is somewhat one sided in Godzilla's favor until the tables turn later in the fight. Functionally, they remind me a LOT of Megaguirus. There's even a specific moment lifted from that movie that should be pretty neat to see.

egarding size, I'd have to go look through the script to find the exact number- it was six hundred something feet. But the script really doesn't have baring on the Director's input.

The bottom line is that although this script is a little on the basic side, everything I've seen from the production and from the director has been massively reassuring. They seem to be setting up an atmosphere and world that really is absent from this document--- and that's what gets me excited. I think it's in good hands- my big hope is that they pick up some of the missed opportunities in this script to make Godzilla TRULY legendary.

Godzilla has an EPIC battle with the military in which he emerges smoking and riddled with surface damage, but totally unharmed in the general sense. They can't hope to stop him. There's a very deep feeling of dread knowing how unstoppable he is.

From the leaker, "In fact, there is this MAJOR element about Godzilla... A massive opportunity that would delight fans that just kinda sails on by... I can't fathom any real G-Fan (as Mr. Edwards seems to be) letting it escape. This element alone would put an entirely different spin on the movie and the character.

I think what I've got is the skeleton of something great, but the real good stuff probably won't be made apparent until the film comes out in May.

I have a lot of faith in this director to make something amazing out of the film. What I've got reads a lot like a lost Godzilla film from the eighties or something with some 90's Hollywood influence. It's DEFINITELY a Godzilla movie. No two ways about it- even if they filmed this version as written.

I just think that much of the atmosphere and world depth we're all expecting came in later drafts."

Godzilla is described as "thrashing" the muto in the airport scene. It seems very reminiscent of Gamera vs Gyaos in Shibuya from Gamera 3- but bigger, and more brutal. Another one on one battle taking place in the film reads a bit like Godzilla vs Angilas from the second toho film in that the smaller monster doesn't really measure up to Godzilla, but is certainly a vicious opponent. Yes, they're both bug monsters. I'm just using Angilas as a comparison. The fight itself contains elements straight from Godzilla X Megaguirus. 

By the end of the fight Godzilla has taken a good beating and is even missing a couple spines.

Also, MUTO stands for Massive Unidentified Target Organism. Godzilla has three fights with them, the first is the one in the airport, and a finale fight that has two distinct chapters.

Godzilla kills the Mutos by brute strength. As written, this Godzilla is a brutal physical opponent who "thrashes", "slashes" and whips with his tail.

As far as the ending--- Godzilla has a rough time against the Mutos. Rough. In this draft, he survives in a way that is every fondly nostalgic for me as well as being somewhat ironic--- in a really good way. I really like Godzilla as this monster created from our meddling... Ultimately saving us from our meddling. He walks out a f*cking legend. It's cool.

Not at first, I believe. From what the leaker said, they're growing inside of a destroyed reactor located in Hokkaido later in the film, they also wait there knowing Godzilla will be attracted to the radiation.

Also, Bryan Cranston's character works at the nuclear facility in Hokkaido that melts down. The meltdown is blamed on a flaw from his design, and the disaster kills his wife (the scene everyone is talking about between the two of them is ABSENT from my draft, by the way) causing his stepkids (in this version, Ford and Elle are siblings) to resent him. The plot picks up when he re-emerges, convinced that "something else" was the cause of the disaster.

So yeah, the film is, in a way, a sequel to the 1954 film; only, his huge rampage didn't happen. Neat, but it would've been cool to have him be some big legend in history books, be a historical figure, even have some of the Toho films in the universe as media, etc. Would've made it more suspenseful when Godzilla comes back. I'm sure they've added more the this though, because right now it seems like they only did the 1954 thing to have a cool opening to the movie.

From what you've all read here, opinions on the Mutos? They seem like pretty cool kaiju, and like the leaker said, very Megagirus-like. Hoping they're as cool and terrifying as they sound in the script.

Also, note, the monster in the Comic Con trailer with the human-like hands is NOT present in the script. It's only the male spider Muto and the female Megagirus-like Muto.

They have some sort of "special ability" that the leaker hasn't said anything about yet, but he said it's "practically ripped from Godzilla x Megagirus", so I assume that they can use Godzilla atomic breath? Also, the female is apparently massive, and the fight is almost completely one-sided for awhile.

Basically. It's weird that as a species the Muto hunt in pairs when the female can just do all the work and f--- up the "Gojiras". The male does survive the airport fight though, but only barely. 

The leaker never mentioned what it did after that, I believe after the soldiers do the HALO jump it's chasing them through the city, hunting them down before they can help even the odds between Godzilla and the female Muto.

But Godzilla does survive, he kills the Mutos and just decimates the army, saving the world in such a nostalgic way. It feels a lot like classic Toho flick, with him lumbering back off to the sea.