Giffen's Doing Guardians of the Galaxy at DC With "Threshold"; New Green Lantern Book

Matt McGloin Posted: 10/12/2012 - 12:49 COMMENT


Keith Giffen brought a lot of fans back to Marvel (I'm one of them) back in 2005-6 with his Marvel Cosmic event Annihilation.

He basically took a bunch of characters that no one was using and created something big — and arguably better than anything Marvel has done since.

Marvel Studios took notice as well, and while the comic book side of Marvel completely dropped the cosmic ball by canceling the entire line to make way for Bendis and Loeb, Kevin Feige is going ahead with a Guardians of the Galaxy movie - and perhaps Nova - based on Keith Giffen's Marvel Cosmic work as well as Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning's, who took over following Giffen's departure to DC Comics.

Now Giffen is bringing the "Annihilation" back this coming January, albeit at the direct competition with Threshold, a new DC cosmic ongoing spinning out of the upcoming Green Lantern: New Guardians Annual #1 with former Marvel Cosmic artists Tom Raney (Annihilation: Conquest) and Scott Kolins (Annihilation Prologue, Annihilation: Heralds of Galactus).

The book will feature two stories: a 10 page backup starring Larfleeze, of Geoff Johns' Green Lantern books, drawn by Kolins, and "The Hunted," the 20 page main story drawn by Raney, featuring space characters like the Omega Men, Blue Beetle, Star Hawkins, and the book's main character, a new Green Lantern named Jediah Caul.

The story takes place in a new part of space, known as the Tenedrian Dominion, an area ruled by Lady Styx, who will get a complete makeover, and also where the new Green Lantern to star in the book is deep under cover. Similar to The Hunger Games, which Giffen is quick to dismiss and compares it more to Battle Royale, the new Green Lantern will get dropped in the Tenedrian Dominion where he has 24hrs of freedom before all hell breaks loose and anyone can come after him for the bounty. This leads the other characters to come into play, such as the Blue Beetle, as The Reach system bumps up against Lady Styx's.

"I'm approaching it with the same mindset that I approached Annihilation, in that I'm saying, 'Look at the all these great characters out there, and nobody's doing anything interesting with them,' " Giffen tells Newsarama. " 'Let's see how much we can shake things up and have fun with this.'

"Of course, instead of doing it with Marvel's space characters," Giffen continues. "Now I've got the fantastic DC characters to work with, like the Omega Men, Star Hawkins, Blue Beetle, Space Ranger, the original Starfire and a whole lot more great characters to mess around with. And people can look for appearances by almost any DC science fiction character."

While Threshold does contain certain elements similar to Guardians of the Galaxy and will include that Giffen-esque humor, it won't be exactly the same.

"Yep. I'm the one who put Rocket Raccoon and that group together. The Guardians of the Galaxy movie they're making? That's the team I put together," stated Giffen. "But Threshold is not Annihilation or Guardians of the Galaxy. This is a different animal.

"However, this book does have a healthy sense of humor. Much of my own sensibility is going to come through. But it's a sense of humor that grows organically. Don't expect, like, Ambush Bug, which is meant to be a funny book. Lobo was a funny book, because to a certain extent, it went for the gag. But Threshold is going to be based more on story. But there will be plenty of funny stories and odd things happening. So yes, humor will be part of "The Hunted" as well. Plus we've got Tom Raney on the art for "The Hunted." So it'll look great too," he said.

Threshold will also feature old characters getting re-tooled, with a planned surprise in store for issue #2 in that a brand new character will be featured with a familiar name.

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