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First Look At Kim Coates In Officer Downe

Matt McGloin Posted: 05/14/2015 - 02:02 COMMENT


Take a first look above at Kim Coates as the titular character in Officer Downe, which is an adaptation of the graphic novel of the same name.

Coates, known for playing Tig on Sons of Anarchy,  stars as an L.A. supercop who is killed in the line of duty but who is repeatedly resurrected and sent back onto the streets (via EW).

Officer Downe has a 2016 release directed by Shawn Crahan from Slipknot also starring Tyler Ross, Lauren Velez, Reno Wilson, and Bruno Gunn.

The film is written by Joe Casey, who also wrote the comic, and is known for being a part of the Man Of Action creative team responsible for Ben 10, Generator Rex, Ultimate Spider-Man and Avengers Assemble.

Here is the description of the comic from Amazon:

Officer Downe Comic Book #1 (One Shot) FROM THE DEVIANT MINDS WHO BROUGHT YOU THE CULT HIT, NIXON'S PALS -- A TWISTED NEW KIND OF CRIME COMIC! He walks the eternal beat... and delivers the eternal beat-down! Much more than man... he is policeman! It's hyper-violence on the mean city streets, from JOE CASEY (Avengers: The Origin) and CHRIS BURNHAM (X-Men: Manifest Destiny); an all-new special where a lone Badass With A Badge takes on the scourge of the criminal underworld: Headcase Harry! The Fortune 500! Zen Master Flash! Not even death itself can stop this powerhouse of justice! You've never experienced "command presence" like this! This is one cop that'll keep coming back for more... even from beyond the grave!