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Exclusive: Man of Steel December 2015? No Ryan Reynolds Green Lantern For Justice League Movie

Matt McGloin Posted: 06/11/2013 - 21:55 COMMENT


It was recently reported that Man of Steel 2 has been fast tracked with David Goyer and Zack Snyder returning.

It was also said that David Goyer had signed on to a three-picture deal, and that the Justice League Movie is a part of that.

Previous statements made by Snyder and Henry Cavill seem to indicate they want more Superman before jumping into Justice League, though Goyer has put The Avengers on notice stating he wants to film JL [at some point].

Our DC Entertainment Source previously provided us with the news that the Justice League movie could begin filming as early as the beginning of next year; also that Ryan Reynolds was expected to return as Green Lantern as the studio felt his name and audience draw were assets.

Now our DC Entertainment Source has provided us with an update in that it appears that Snyder and Goyer have got their way with the Man of Steel sequel debuting before the Justice League movie.

We are told that WB was adamant about doing Justice League as fast as possible after Man of Steel to rival Marvel's The Avengers franchise, which is why we have been told JL for 2016 and Man of Steel 2 and the Batman reboot for 2017.

Our source now says it's looking like Man of Steel 2 could have a December 2015 release, with Justice League Summer 2016. 

The source noted that more digging is needed, but that is the guess as to what is being planned, and also Snyder will have quite the workload getting the two movies out a year apart.

Our source also provided us with news that it appears they have decided to give up on Ryan Reynolds' Hal Jordan and start fresh in Justice League.