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Exclusive: Jeff Lemire teams canucks and cosmic in new Justice League title

Posted: 04/14/2014 - 21:54


Plot threads from Justice League of America, a new heroine from far, far up North, space-spanning action featuring some Strange space-farers, and Moose Factory.

All of these will be a part of the revamped book coming your way this month by writer Jeff Lemire and artist Mike McKone. Justice League United will be a cosmic property but with that slice-of-life touch taking place in VERY rural Northern Canada, their HQ.

To get more on this approaching treasure, Cosmic Book News Managing Editor Byron Brewer took a ride to a small asteroid this side of the planet Rann and exclusively discussed the new book with Lemire himself.

Cosmic Book News: Jeff, tell us how Justice League United came into being and how much of that stems from Justice League of America, storywise.

Jeff Lemire: Well, to be honest, the first story arc is about this team coming together, so I won't spoil that.

I will say that there is a connection to the JLA. Green Arrow, Stargirl and Martian Manhunter all clearly want to keep the team together at the end of the JLA run, so their connection is the key. But this tea will be very different.

The JLA was a government run group designed to counter the Justice League. These heroes are tired of being the pawns of political agenda. They want to return to being heroes, to inspiring others instead of fighting amongst themselves.

CBN: It's a joy to see so many of DC's space beings together. Can you give us just a taste of the outer space adventures in store for these heroes?


Jeff Lemire: LOTS. This is a cosmic book in every way. Though, unlike many cosmic books, it will still maintain a strong link to what's going on on Earth and with the rest of the DCU.

Rann and Thanagar play a big role in the first arc as does Czarnia. And the scope of the book will continue to expand as the series unfolds all building to a massive cosmic story in the book's second arc.

CBN: Will JLU have a "point of view" character, perhaps Martian Manhunter? From whose perspective, at least at first, will we see these adventures?

Jeff Lemire: Actually, I think the new teenaged hero, Equinox, is the POV character. She is new to the superhero community and experiencing all these larger than life characters and situations for the first time, like the reader.

CBN: Speaking of … Equinox, is it? What can you tell us about this new Canadian superhero?

Jeff Lemire: Well, as I said, Equinox is our new hero. She is a Cree teenager from Moose Factory, Ontario, and her powers and history were based on various Cree legends, stories and beliefs.

CBN: Will this title hook into Green Lantern or any other DCU cosmic title?

Jeff Lemire: Not directly. I want it to have its own identity. Space is a BIG place. Not everything needs to connect.

CBN: What is the role of Adam Strange in all this? How does the New 52 Adam differ from other versions?


Jeff Lemire: Can't tell you that without spoiling everything. But I will say that ALANNA STRANGE plays as big or bigger role in the team as Adam does. And she is VERY different from the pre-New 52 version.

CBN: What new secrets might we discover about Canada in this series?

Jeff Lemire: I hope to shine a light on Canada's most overlooked and misrepresented communities, meaning the aboriginal or First Nation community. The Earthbound aspect of the book primarily takes place in an isolated northern Canadian community called Moose Factory which is home to one of Canada's First Nations, the Moose Cree First Nation.

CBN: Will most of the stories be cosmic or Earth-centric?

Jeff Lemire: I'm trying to keep a balance. The adventure aspect of the book will primarily be space bound, but the team will always have a base and a connection to Earth. So the more "slice of life" aspects will be on Earth.

CBN: Tell us about Mike McKone. What does he bring to the table here?

Jeff Lemire: Incredible sense of character. The emotion and life he infuses into each character is key to making the team dynamic and interaction work. He also brings a great sense of design to the page layouts.

CBN: Jeff, any projects current or future you would care to discuss?

Jeff Lemire: I'm also co-writing the weekly DC comic Future’s End with Brian Azzarello, Keith Giffen and Dan Jurgens. And in addition this November DC will be publishing the original graphic novel Teen Titans: Earth 1 written by myself and drawn by Terry and Rachel Dodson. And I have a number of creator-owned projects that will be announced in the coming months.

Cosmic Book News would like to thank Jeff Lemire for answering our questions during his busy schedule. We would also like to thank DC’s own Steven Solomon who helped make this interview possible.

“Justice League United” #0 hits stores April 23rd!