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Doctor Who: A Good Man Goes To War: Teaser Spoilers (Season 6 Episode 7)

Matt McGloin Posted: 05/31/2011 - 23:59 COMMENT

Update: The promo video for next Fall's return of Doctor Who has hit the net. Check it out!

pic Possible spoilers, ahoy!

Check out some teasers for Doctor Who: "A Good Man Goes To War," the seventh episode of season six and the mid-season finale. Updated with a video following!

This won't air in the U.S. until June 11th (Boooo! to the BBC!) -- but airs on time in the UK.

It is STRONGLY suggested that U.S. viewers wait and watch the sixth episode, "The Almost People."

Be sure to check out our extensive image gallery on "A Good Man Goes To War" including the trailer and prequel video.

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Here we are, courtesy the Doctor Who and the Tardis FB Page:

• The Sontarans, Judoon, Silurians and Cybermen are all back.

• Simon Fisher-Becker returns as big blue Dorium Maldavar, last seen with River Song in 'The Pandorica Opens'.

• Karen Gillan has told Radio Times that "we discover who River Song really is" and "it's such a huge pay-off, I didn't see it coming".

• Rory's Roman costume returns.

• Frances Barber has told Total TV Guide that 'eye patch lady' Madame Kovarian is "involved in Amy's pregnancy - before and after the birth - and is in charge of a band of soldiers".

• The Sunday Times reveals that Amy's baby is named Melody.

• There's "a sort of Nazi state", according to guest star Charlie Baker, who also describes the story as "one of the darkest episodes ever".

• Catrin Stewart plays a character named Jenny. It's unknown if this is a regenerated incarnation of the 'Doctor's daughter' from Series 4, but - with a major character named Jen in the previous two-part story - it seems an unusual name choice if it's not her.

• The episode is "more disturbing than scary", according to Karen Gillan.

• Director Peter Hoar has summarised the episode as "a bit of a rollercoaster ride through all different times, space, everything".

• Hugh Bonneville is rumoured to return as 'The Curse Of The Black Spot''s Henry Avery, alongside Oscar Lloyd as Avery's son Toby.

• Part of the story is set in Jack the Ripper era London.

Update: Here's some more!

It is amazing – a true five-star episode

It’s action-packed and feels so much more epic than a usual single parter

There are lots of surprise guests stars (and some will be a surprise) but unlike in “The Pandorica Opens” none of them feels wasted – they all have a chance to shine

There are some revelations that really will make your jaw drop

There is a terrific battle scene at the end (which more than makes up for a slightly underwhelming and confusingly directed one in the first half)

Although there’s lots of time travelling, it’s not a timey-whimey-reliant plot.

The Doctor produces something very revealing from the TARDIS

Rory says something very funny to an old enemy that you can’t believe has never been said before

It’s a great episode for both Rory and Amy (and Matt Smith is as brilliant as ever, especially in a sudden, unexpected emotional moment)

A throwaway line from last season becomes a major plot device

Somebody is asked to make a donation

Somebody very unexpected is playing doctors and nurses

Rory is definitely cool

Look carefully at the monitor screens and the corridors

• The title to the next episode is revealed!