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Director Kenneth Branagh on Thor Movie (2011) Villains and new Trailer

Matt McGloin Posted: 02/20/2011 - 15:45 COMMENT


In the new trailer (below) that was released a few days ago for Thor, we see all kinds of kick-arse action from Chris Hemsworth (Thor), Tom Hiddleston (Loki) and Odin himself - Anthony Hopkins!

Right after the trailer debuted, Director Kenneth Branagh, clued us in on some of the brutes and beasts that the Asgardian Warriors are going to have to face.

Of course, we get a look at the trickster Loki, played by Hiddleston, with Branagh saying, "A brother who is unhappy is a dangerous relative to have."

From there, fans of the comics will recognize where this is going, (but I won't spoil) with, "The story involves a clash with an ice planet,” says Branagh, “and the frost giants who live therein. They — as might be suggested by the name — are enormous creatures of incredible power who have been robbed of their power and glory by Odin, Thor’s father. What fuels a lot of this intense battle is revenge. This is an angry race, trying to get back at Thor and the Asgardians, the self-proclaimed guardians of the universe.”

Finally, as introduced at last years San Diego Comic Con, Branagh mentions 'an incredible war machine known as "The Destroyer."'

“This series of metal bands form a giant, walking beast and open to reveal terrifying firepower,” that the ruler of Asgard controls (note: he didn't specifically state Odin! Spoilers!).

“In the right hands, this incredibly powerful device — awesome in its killing quality — is potentially a creature of extraordinary protective powers,” says the director. “In the wrong hands, it is a nightmare.”

In addition to all the all out action, the recent Thor trailer also includes a bit of humor - to offset all the "godliness."

Branagh says in order to get Thor to connect with audiences they had to bring him down from his high pedestal in Asgard, "It’s important for Thor to be able to laugh at Thor."

"With the fantastical element we’re asking people to go along with, one way to help that happen, and allow it to be dramatic and serious when it needs to be, is to have a sense of humor about it," says Branagh.

While this won't be Thor goofing at himself, Branagh notes on the "prince of the cosmos," "When you reduce a man who is arrogant by temperament, extremely oppressive and used to having his own way, dressed, um … unusually, you are immediately in a position where you have comic friction."

"The way into making a god attractive is to find out where his experience connects to a human one," the Director tells us.

When asked about Thor being a "coming an age story," in that it's a god who falls only to be brought back up through a connection to humanity, Branagh states, "It’s true that it’s an identity tale. These films can allow more space for the kind of character element that you accurately described, to allow more space for, as you say, a coming-of-age-story, a prodigal son story, an identity story … Hopefully you can layer into the larger entertaining experience and make it resonate with the audience."

Besides Loki and the comical aspects to Thor, the trailer saw more of the ever lovely Natalie Portman. Branagh tells us that she won't just play the typical human love interest to the Gods and Goddesses, "When you cast someone like Natalie Portman, the character can’t just be the love interest. She is already an interesting dynamic character in her own right. It helps to have that conflict and interplay."


Thor hammers into theaters May 6th 201, directed by Kenneth Branagh starring Chris Hemsworth as Thor, Tom Hiddleston as Loki, Anthony Hopkins as Odin and Natalie Portman as Jane Foster.

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