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Director David Slade Off New Daredevil Movie For Hannibal

Matt McGloinPosted: 07/12/2012 - 15:43


Add another to the list of people exiting super hero movies for NBC's new series, Hannibal.

Now, in addition to Mads Mikkelsen bowing out of Thor 2, director David Slade will not be helming the new Daredevil movie from Fox as he moves on to Hannibal as well.

Deadline says that Slade could not make the timing work as he is directing the pilot episode of Hannibal.

With Slade out of the picture Fox will have to get moving on a choice for a new director as they need to have a new Daredevil film underway or the rights will revert back to Disney and Marvel Studios.

Deadline does state Fox has a script they like for the Daredevil movie, so an announcement for a new director should be forthcoming shortly.