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Deftone Pictures and Paperghost Productions To Release Slasher Film "Holland Road"

Matt McGloinPosted: 08/30/2012 - 01:58

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DefTone Pictures Studios joins independent film company Paperghost Productions to release a new slasher film entitled Holland Road. DefTone Pictures Studios, currently in post production on their epic alien invasion film Ombis and pre-production on their next film To Release the Soul which is written by actor Jason John Beebe, has signed a deal to co-produce Holland Road.

Holland Road stars new-comer Samantha Hoy (Ombis, Model Hunger, and Return to the class of Nuk'em High) as Michelle and Jason John Beebe (Ombis, Snow Shark: Ancient Snow Beat) as John. Holland Road is a feature length film based on the Western New York legend of “The Pigman” (played by Michael Balch).  The Pigman legend involves a serial killer who dresses up wearing a Pig mask seeking blood and stalking his victims. Holland Road is written for screen and directed by Aaron Bush & Wally Roberts.  Additional cast Elizabeth Houlihan (Sarah), John Lehmann (Dwayne), Michael Sarcinelli (Arson), Brandon Devine (Brent), Eric Howell (Jeremy), Mike Sciabarrasi (Officer Maretti) and Mark Mendola (Officer Burke)

“Holland Road, located off NY Route 5 in between the town of Angola and Evangola State Park, is more frequently known as “Pigman Road” and it has been at the forefront of Western New York folklore for decades. Scores of high school students, ghost hunters, and area residents all have their own tales of headless spirits, photographic and audiotape abnormalities, and unusual activity emanating from this mile-long street. With an alluring mix of historical background regarding a train accident and urban legends about a pork-crazed serial killer, Pigman Road has become a rite of passage for anyone in the region wishing to access the world of the unknown,” says Joran Zyglis and Jill Gregorie in their article The Mystery of Pigman Road” at

Phill Beith graduate of the Tom Savini School of Art and DefTone Pictures Studios’ resident makeup effects guru has signed on to do the Pigman mask. The making of the mask has been kept very quiet but it promises to have a “distinct look for the villain which the producers of the film hope to scare audiences with” says Adam R Steigert [Producer and CEO of DefTone Pictures Studios].  Steigert goes on with “there have been films made about this local legend before and we want to put a new view and spin on a popular legend.  Having Phill Beith on the project to create a unique look to this local iconic villain was the logical move.”

DefTone Pictures Studios and Paperghost productions confirm that Holland Road will have a release date of June 22, 2013. To Release a Soul, which stars model Melyssa Jade in her first lead film role, will have a release date of March 30, 2013.  Adam R Steigert has confirmed he will be directing To Release a Soul which begins filming in September of 2012. To Release a Soul is a character study of the interaction between a serial killer and his intended victim and what motivates each of them. DefTone Pictures Studios found great success from the controversial Black Guy on a Rampage trilogy and negotiations are currently underway for a possible remake as a full length feature film or a short film sequel/prequel to the trilogy.

DefTone Pictures Studios and Paperghost Productions invite you to take a first hand look at Holland Road:




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