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Dear Stephen Wacker: Have Your Read Any Of Jim Starlin's Thanos Stories? Things are heating up (maybe)

Matt McGloin Posted: 07/05/2012 - 11:16 COMMENT

[[wysiwyg_imageupload:2139:]]With Thanos hitting the big picture this past May in The Avengers movie, things are starting to heat up.

First there is mention of Thanos appearing in the upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy Movie slated for 2014.

Then on the Marvel Comics side of things, reprints coming this September and an all-new origin story this October.

But heat may also be building with Thanos creator Jim Starlin.

Thanos: Son of Titan launches in October from Marvel Comics and writer Joe Keatinge. The book is being edited by Marvel Comics Editor Stephen Wacker, who made the following comments through USA Today about Thanos.

"You don't know anything about this guy," he says of Thanos' appeal. "He just looks cool."

For Wacker, Thanos is a throwback to the Marvel storytelling of 50 years ago, when there was a certain lack of nuance between heroes and villains and "bad guys twirled their mustaches," he says.

"He's just an evil guy. He wants to rule over things. He wants power. It's just so over the top and operatic — it's as if Shakespeare wrote an opera."

Wacker's comments were noticed by Starlin, who took to his Facebook to state, "Steve Wacker's comments make me wonder if he's ever read a Thanos story by me beyond the Infinity Gauntlet."

But that's not all.

Earlier, Jim Starlin posted an image of Thanos on his Facebook from before he worked for Marvel. And The Beat took notice and surmised that there might be a legal case brewing that would challenge Marvel's rights to Thanos.

It should also be noted that when The Avengers movie debuted, Jim Starlin was only informed through rumor a couple weeks prior about the use of Thanos, and he wasn't asked to attend the premier or even given free movie passes. The same applies to Thor with inclusion of the Infinity Gauntlet.

"Financial compensation to the creators of these characters doesn’t appear to be part of the equation," Starlin remarked back in May.