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DC Relaunch: Green Lantern Has Power Ring? Jim Lee new Justice League Pencils

Matt McGloin Posted: 06/02/2011 - 13:23 COMMENT

We previously reported that the new Justice League cover showed Green Lantern -- without the Green Power Ring.

DC Co-Publisher Jim Lee, who worked on the cover, released the pencils.

The ring is on there!

However, it's not on the recently revealed product.

This could either mean Lee screwed up -- or the inker, Scott Williams, on the book did.

Isn't that kind of a big thing to miss? 

Did Williams just make a correction?

Guys, we don't need anymore confusion to the relaunch!

Update: Lee tweeted and cleared up the confusion, it was a simple mistake by Williams.

"HAHA case of the missing ring solved-was gonna say it was due to senility but I dug up the pencil scan-BEHOLD."

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