David Goyer Wants To Write Doctor Who; Again Mentions Wonder Woman

Matt McGloin Posted: 05/07/2013 - 21:09 COMMENT


We can add another iconic character to the list of David Goyer's wants and needs as the writer has let it be known that he wouldn't mind taking on Doctor Who.

In a podcast with Empire Magazine, the writer behind The Dark Knight Trilogy and the Man of Steel, talks about how he is working on movies and characters that were favorites of his as a child.

It's remarked how the characters were posters in his room, with Goyer asked if there were any others hanging up that he wanted to tackle.

Goyer mentions Linda Carter Wonder Woman, with the Empire Magazine crew then suggesting Doctor Who.

David Goyer actually says that he was a fan of the Tom Baker Doctor Who, questions if an American has ever written an episode, and says he wouldn't mind penning the Timelord.

Here's the text:


David Goyer: I grew up eating, drinking, sleeping all this stuff so the idea that I would do Blade movies and Batman movies and Superman movies, Godzilla - I'm sort of hitting the greatest hits of everything that was in my room when I was ten. 

EMPIRE: You have any posters that you have left to hit?

Goyer: Lynda Carter Wonder Woman. 

EMPIRE: Doctor Who?

Goyer: Well, you know, one day I think it would be fun to do. I was a fan of the Tom Baker Doctor Who when I was growing up. Have any Americans written a Doctor Who? 

EMPIRE: I wouldn't of thought so.

Goyer: It would be fun to write one.

I've never met him [Steven Moffat], but he's obviously a genius. 

David Goyer is also behind the new hit series on Starz, Da Vinci's Demons, worked on the new Godzilla movie and recently said he would do Green Lantern right as well as wanted to do a Wonder Woman film.