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Comic Book Men's Ming Chen Talks Justice League Movie, Star Wars & Green Lantern

Matt McGloin Posted: 12/01/2012 - 16:38 COMMENT

[[wysiwyg_imageupload:4382:]]I gotta say Cosmic Book News was pretty harsh last year on Kevin Smith's new comic book TV show, Comic Book Men, at least for the first half of the season.

Things seemed to turn around for the show, which is set in Smith's comic book shop in New Jersey, and it has this year as well.

It follows The Walking Dead talk show, Talking Dead, Sunday nights on AMC, and features just about everything you expect from a comic book store.

The cast is made up of Kevin Smith's long time friends Walt Flanagan, who runs the shop, and Bryan Johnson, a guy who doesn't work there, but hangs out (oh, and he's kind of a d*ck). Then there is Mike Zapcic, think Cliff from Cheers, and Ming Chen, another recruit.

Ming is made out to be the "little brother," always getting picked on, at the butt of jokes, and - at times -  seemingly not too bright.

However, Ming recently spoke about his opinions on comic book movies and Star Wars, and actually sounds like a pretty knowledgeable guy (though Walt might not agree!).

Some of the more interesting tidbits are Ming's thoughts on last year's Green Lantern movie as well as the Justice League movie.

Ming thinks WB was headed in the right direction for Green Lantern, in that it was a big budget special effects movie, but as most seem to agree, the story was lacking.

It’s all story. Working with Kevin [Smith], the tip he’s always giving aspiring filmmakers is [to] make sure your script is bulletproof. Everything else will fall into place. But the script is your foundation, your building block. If you can’t get that right, nothing else will be right, either. I think that was kind of proven in the Green Lantern movie with Ryan Reynolds. The script just wasn’t there. They threw all the money at the effects and everything, but the script just wasn’t there.

Regarding the Justice League movie, Ming thinks they should go the route of Marvel and build up to the movie, instead of, say, launching with Justice League right away.

It would be great if they could follow the Marvel blueprint: setting up the origin stories with the individual movies, and then when you get to the team-up movie, you already kind of know what happened, so you can just get right to the action. I don’t know… at this point , I don’t think they’re going to bring Ryan Reynolds back as Green Lantern. I don’t know how they ‘re going to do it. They don’t have much time if they want to keep up with Marvel. But I think it can be done. It can definitely be done. It all depends on the right scripts.

While we've heard just about every name attached to the new Star Wars movies, Ming offers some of his own choices, and their pretty big names.

I wouldn't mind seeing Joss Whedon grab hold of one of those. Not all three. I think they should probably switch off directors for the three ... If James Cameron directed a Star Wars, it'd be interesting to see. He can definitely keep the storyline action-oriented. It's the non-action stuff that you have to worry about.


The next episode of Comic Book Men airs this Sunday and guest-stars Stan Lee. Tune in at 11:30pm ET on AMC to check it out.