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Byron's Top 10 Most Horrific Comic Book Villains of All Tomb

Posted: 10/11/2012 - 19:04


The time to unleash the ghosties and ghouls upon the world is here, and although we are equally excited about what news may be coming out of NYCC, we also know it is time for Charlie Brown to get his bag full of rocks – again!

The two big comic book releases this week – Batman #13 and Uncanny Avengers #1 – give rise to our current thoughts about the Eve of All Hallows. That is … the villain! (Cue creepy old-fashioned organ music!)

No, not your badass villains, or even your cosmic villains (sorry, MM). No, these are the most horrific villains, vile entities that have done things that make my skin crawl even now.

So without further adieu, let’s count down Byron’s Top 10 Most Horrific Comic Book Villains (of All Tomb)!


10. Mister Fear: Zoltan Drago was the proprietor of a financially-ailing wax museum who attempted to use his knowledge of chemistry to create an elixir which would turn his wax statues into living creatures, with which he would create a private army. The chemical failed to create life in wax, but Drago discovered the brew he had created could evoke fear in those who inhaled it. Designing a frightening costume for himself, Drago became the original (and best) Mister Fear! Fear used his fear-gas to make terrified slaves of the brutish Ox of the Enforcers and the Eel. Naming his triumvirate the Fellowship of Fear, Drago ran afoul of and was soundly defeated by Daredevil and imprisoned. He was later killed by Starr Saxon in New York City.

9. Doomsday: Doomsday is a famous behemoth capable of doing nearly anything and is famous for killing perhaps the most famous comic book character of all: Superman! In doing this, Doomsday destroyed the ideal that is Superman, which was spread worldwide. By doing this, he has shown his tremendous power and evil, making him a character that constantly challenges Superman, physically and psychologically.

8. Dr. Doom: There is a certain nobility in Dr. Doom, arch-nemesis to one of the greatest teams in the Marvel Universe, Fantastic Four. Yet, time after time, he has proven that villain he indeed is. He was put in relatively the same situation as the Fantastic Four members but did not end up being a hero. He is a very powerful man with his super-technology and mystical prowess as well as being a super-genius. One thing that makes him have such a vendetta towards the FF is that, even as long ago as college when Victor Von Doom and Reed Richards were “normal,” they were always in competition with each other. One coin, two sides.

7. Mister Sinister: This mysterious gentleman has had an effect on pretty much every X-character there is, and set about the motions of the infamous Mutant Massacre which killed the Morlocks and gravely injured the Angel, Nightcrawler and Kitty Pryde. When I think of Inferno, I think of how monstrous this guy is.

6. Thanos:Cosmic yes, but also horrid! Like Doctor Doom, he will stop at nothing to achieve his goals and will cross the very cosmos to please his “love,” Death. Unlike Doom, he doesn’t battle Satan every year for his mother’s soul; he killed her and millions of his fellow Titan Eternals.

5. Bane: Not your average big guy. Despite his looks, Bane is one of the smartest non-super-powered beings in the DCU. Bane, born and raised in a prison, realizes that courage, dedication, and strengthening of both mind and body were his only ways to survive. During his time in prison, he wanted to destroy the Gothammyth called Batman. His prison put him into an experiment to create a super-powered soldier with a steroid like drug known as Venom. With Venom and his intelligence, Bane was the first person to break Batman both mentally and physically (by breaking his back).

4. Dracula: Dracula is the same character as from legend but was reinvented in the 1970s as the diabolical antagonist of Marvel’s excellent Tomb of Dracula. Like Doom, there is a nobility to Dracula, but there is more evil than mere vampire in the former Vlad the Impaler.

3. Norman Osborn/Green Goblin:Green Goblin is an arch-nemesis to Spider-Man. At first the villain was not pure evil but, when he took the Green Gobin serum he became crazy and would do anything to kill Spider-man. He had caused a lot of trouble for Spider-Man over the years, including killing one of his loves, Gwen Stacey. To his credit, writer Brian Bendis made Norman Osborn even more evil than his alter ego when he took over Americaduring Dark Reign and its follow-ups in Avengers and New Avengers.

2. Red Skull: Red Skull is the ultimate Nazi in comic books. Yes, I am saying that he is an even better villain than Hitler would be in some aspects. He has been ruining the lives of thousands ever since the 1940s. He started as a basic Nazi but was soon promoted to higher status due to his sick and twisted personality; even Hitler was afraid of him! Not only this, but the Red Skull seems to never die. Now he is back, to threaten the world of mutants using – the brain of Charles Xavier??! How horrific can you be? (See my No. 1 entry below for that answer.)

1. The Joker (New 52): Batman's arch nemesis. The yang to Batman's yin. Being a 70-year-old comic character, still not much of his origin is known; only him accidentally falling into a chemical bath. Every comic book fan knows what he's done: paralyzed Barbara Gordon, killed a Robin, Jason Todd … And now he is back to creepy perfection under Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo’s arc, “Death of the Family.”  Brrrrrr

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