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Brew's Crew: Ronan the Accuser

Posted: 03/15/2014 - 21:09 COMMENT


The alien warlord Ronan is one of the true blue bloods (pun intended) of the Kree Empire and Marvel’s villains camp. Once playing second banana to the Supreme Intelligence, he has come into his own since the Annihilation wars, being a large part of both the Annihilators adventures and in the recent Infinity event.

Actor Lee Pace will play the Kree Accuser in the coming film, Guardians of the Galaxy, which is set to hit theatres in August.

With his great Kirby armor and gigantic hammer, the first time I saw Ronan I thought of a space-age Thor. His hammer, this “Universal Weapon” of the Accuser, originally tapped into Cosmic Energy for various effects, such as disintegration, transmutation and matter-rearrangement, and “time-motion displacement fields.” Ronan apparently now uses a less powerful version of this weapon, though how much less powerful has yet to be determined.

In a belief that they could better lead his race and perhaps even end the stagnation of the Kree gene pool, Ronan stepped down from the throne he took at the end of Annihilation in favor of Black Bolt, silent monarch of the Inhumans. As a show of political solidarity, Ronan was united in wedlock to Crystal of the Inhumans -- sister of Queen Medusa, an Avenger, former lover of the Human Torch and ex-wife of Quicksilver.

In the beginning, their union was chiefly ceremonial. But the more time Crystal spent with the Accuser on war-torn worlds of the Kree Empire with proud but frustrated people, the more their union turned into a truly sweet romance. And as the Kree saw the concern of Crystal for their plight in the presence of a popular military leader, the more confidence they showed in Crystal, calling her “the People’s Princess.”

Sadly, Ronan separated from Crystal under the orders of a returning Black Bolt. This separation is part of a truce that was made between Black Bolt and the Supremor to ensure peace between Inhumans and the Kree Empire. Crystal and Ronan were deeply saddened by this decision.

Ronan is stronger and more durable than a comparable humanoid specimen. He has training in Kree military tactics and has led many successful military campaigns. He can “evolve” his body to survive hostile environments, though the Kree have been extremely reluctant to use this ability.

Ronan is one of the “Accusers,” high government officials who enforce Kree laws, acting as judge, jury and executioner on any world the Kree have ever stepped foot upon. Ronan worked his way up the ranks to become Supreme Public Accuser, the empire’s third most powerful post, before much later taking his place on the throne, preceding Black Bolt.

I have loved the Kree in general and Ronan in particular since the days of Captain Marvel. But under the pens of Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning and later Jonathan Hickman, Ronan has taken on an added dimension of character and truly came alive – as a villain, as a hero, as a lover and as a person.

He apparently returns to villainy in the new film.

Guardians of the Galaxy” hits theatres August 1st!