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The Brewer Report: Who is Terrax?

Posted: 11/09/2011 - 11:32 COMMENT

picWith the release Wednesday of Point One #1 by Marvel, some True Believers new to Marvel Cosmic (or Marvel all together) may be wondering: Who is this Terrax?

Glad ya asked!

The first time I saw Terrax the Tamer, it was in the pages of Fantastic Four and he was speeding through the spaceways, axe spewing the Power Cosmic, riding a huge asteroid like a cosmic cowboy.

Very cool!

One of the things I liked most about Terrax was, even while under servitude to Galactus as one of his many Heralds, he was out for Number One, himself. Yes, unlike the noble Silver Surfer, the heroic Firelord or the loyal Air-Walker, Terrax was a stinker!

Although Terrax led Galactus to devour many worlds, he wished to use the Power Cosmic for personal gain, and only fear of his Master kept him in check. He once fled Galactus’ service to set up his own empire, but the Big G empowered the mutant Dazzler to retrieve him. Terrax once kept Galactus from feeding long enough that his energies dwindled, and he led him to Earth in the hopes the Fantastic Four would help him slay the World Devourer. Instead, Galactus sucked the Power Cosmic out of Terrax to replenish his own spent energies and left him on our world.

Of all people, Dr. Doom was able to restore some of Terrax’s power to him to use against their mutual foes, the FF, but was defeated by fellow Herald the Silver Surfer.

Terrax comes by his mean streak naturally. Then simply Tyros, on his homeworld Birj he was dictator of the city Lanlak. There, his superhuman power to control rock and earth enabled him to overcome all resistance. His rule of Lanlak came to an end when he was sought by Galactus to serve as his newest Herald. Galactus sent the Fantastic Four to apprehend Tyros and bring him to receive the Power Cosmic. Tyros resisted them, but to no avail. Galactus made Tyros his Herald and the Power Cosmic magnified his innate ability, making the former dictator more powerful than he had ever been before!

Imbued with Galactus’ gift, Terrax can gather, channel and manipulate large quantities of cosmic energy. He normally uses his various axes to channel this energy. Terrax’s flexible rock-like shell makes him impervious to heat and cold, and he does not require food or oxygen, enabling him to exist within the vacuum of space indefinitely.

Riding astride as asteroid, Terrax can travel at warp speeds. He can take control of earth and rock within 100 miles, making him most dangerous while planetbound. He has proven to be able to lifting entire islands under his power.

Few cosmic beings look as impressive and formidable on the comic book page as Terrax. So good luck to Nova!

For more on Terrax check out Point One #1 on-sale today!