Ben Affleck Directing Batman & Justice League Movies?; Jaimie Alexander For Batman Vs. Superman & Confirms Thor 3?

Matt McGloin Posted: 11/01/2013 - 20:43 COMMENT

We get some possible updates on the Warner Bros. DC movie universe coming out of the Stan Lee Comikaze Expo out of Los Angeles.

Mark Hughes, a Forbes Film Blogger, let loose a batch of interesting tweets with mention Ben Affleck is likely to direct the Justice League movie and a new Batman film.

Another interesting tidbit is that Jaimie Alexander appears to be in talks with Warner Bros. about something for Batman Vs. Superman. Speculation immediately leads to the character of Wonder Woman, and the actress has even mentioned in the past she would like to play the iconic character and that she is embarrassed by current versions. Of course, Jaimie Alexander is known for playing Sif in the Marvel Studios Thor movies, with Thor 2 coming out next week. Alexander most recently stated to look for more from Sif following Thor 2, and at the convention she seems to have confirmed Thor 3.

Update: New information has shed some light on these details suggesting it was exaggerated.

Here is the relevant info that was tweeted:

Jaimie Alexander has been having "comversations" w/ WB/DC. She also knows things a/b BATMAN VS SUPERMAN's story. Do the math.

Jaimie Alexander confirms third THOR film is happening.

AMC panel says Ben Affleck will likely direct Batman solo movie & a JUSTICE LEAGUE film.